Managerial Economics Research Topics

Research Area/ Research Interest: Managerial Economics

Research Paper Topics on Cost & Management Accounting for Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. Probability and statistics for business decisions: an introduction to managerial economics under uncertainty.
  2.  Explorations in managerial economics
  3.  Managerial economics of non-profit organizations
  4. Managerial economics of vertically coordinated agricultural firms
  5.  Managerial economics: an analysis of business issues
  6. What can economic theory contribute to managerial economics?
  7.  Managerial economics and financial analysis
  8. The impact of math background on performance in managerial economics and basic finance courses
  9. Managerial Economics–Past, Present and Future.
  10. Nontransactional data in managerial economics and marketing
  11. Managerial economics: Concepts and principles
  12. Managerial Economics and Global Competition
  13.  The new managerial economics
  14.  Managerial economics: a strategic approach
  15. Conspicuous by its absence: Ethics and managerial economics
  16.  Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis
  17.  Managerial economics: A mathematical approach
  19. Managerial Economics: Principles and Worldwide Application:(adapted version)
  20.  Managerial economics and strategy
  21.  Problem-based learning in managerial economics with an integrated case study
  22.  Forestry economics: a managerial approach
  23.  Managerial economics: the analysis of business decisions
  24.  Managerial economics: concepts and cases
  25.  Business Economics & Managerial Decision Making
  26. What can Managerial Economics Contribute to Economic Theory?
  27. The Current State of Managerial Economics
  28. Management compensation and the managerial labor market
  29.  Impact of non-oil sector on economic growth: a managerial economic perspective
  30.  The economic theory of ‘managerial’capitalism
  31.  Managerial Economics (Analysis of Managerial Decision Making)
  32.  Managerial economics and financial accounting
  33.  Managerial Economics: A game theoretic approach
  34.  Managerial economics for decision making
  35.  Economics of strategy
  36. Managerial incentive problems: A dynamic perspective
  37. The managerial economics of sustainable community forestry in Mexico: a case study of El Balcón, Técpan, Guerrero
  38.  Managerial Economics 2Nd Ed.(Biztantra)
  39. Perspectives on experimental research in managerial accounting
  40. Is assessing learning outcomes a trade-off in experiential learning? Integrating field visit with managerial economics course
  41. The economics of earnings manipulation and managerial compensation
  42.  Managerial Economics and Financial Analysis
  43. The new managerial economics of firm growth: the role of intangible assets and capabilities
  44. Mezzo economics analitycal approach as the propulsive part of managerial economics in tourism
  45. Multi-criteria decision methods for CSR management–literature review
  46. New model of managerial education in technical university
  47.  Accounting and Managerial Economics for an Environmentally-friendly Forestry
  48. Objectives of non-profit organisations: a” managerial economics” perspective
  49. A model of the “managerial” enterprise
  50. Managerial miscalibration
  51. Corporate performance and managerial remuneration: An empirical analysis
  52.  Markets for Managers: A Managerial Economics Primer
  53. The managerial economics of civil litigation
  54. Nonprofit organizations, privatization and the mixed economy: a managerial economics perspective
  55. Conjectures regarding empirical managerial accounting research
  56. Developing knowledge society: new approach to managerial-economic preparation of specialists
  57. Role and Responsibilities of Managerial Economists: Empowering Business through Methodology and Strategy
  58. Managerial Economics and the Firm
  59. Managerial economics: A forward looking assessment
  60. Discouraging rivals: Managerial rent-seeking and economic inefficiencies
  61. A Hybrid Approach to Teaching Managerial Economics.
  62. Digitalization of organizations: current issues, managerial challenges and socio-economic risks
  63. Integration of environmental management with other managerial functions of the firm: empirical effects on drivers of economic performance
  64. Managerial economics and operating beta
  65. Economic value added in managerial economics
  66.  Managerial economics in a global economy
  67.  Advertising: Its place in political and managerial economics
  68. Extending the lessons of laboratory experiments on tax compliance to managerial and decision economics
  69. Toward a Liberal Arts Managerial Economics Pedagogy
  70. The future of managerial economics
  71. The impact of natural culture and economic ideology on managerial work values: a study of the United States, Russia, Japan, and China
  72. Managerial discretion and business behavior
  73. The strategic choice of managerial incentives
  74.  Managerial capitalism in retrospect
  75.  Managerial decision making
  76. Using Crunchbase for economic and managerial research
  77.  Impact of fiscal policy variables on economic growth in Nigeria (1970-2012): a managerial economics persperctive
  78. Excel as a teaching platform for managerial economics
  79. Discouraging rivals: Managerial rent-seeking and economic inefficiencies
  80. Competition, risk, and managerial incentives
  81. Incentives, learning, and compensation: A theoretical and empirical investigation of managerial labor contracts
  82.  The impact of fiscal and monetary policies on unemployment problem in Nigeria (managerial economic perspective)
  83. Quality of management in the context of modern economic and managerial paradigm
  85. The impact of national culture and economic ideology on managerial work values: A study of the United States, Russia, Japan, and China
  86.  Teaching Managerial Economics
  87. Managerial control and economic performance in Western Germany
  88. Managerial pay and corporate performance
  89. Intertemporal cost allocation and managerial investment incentives: A theory explaining the use of economic value added as a performance measure
  90. The effect of operational managerial practices on economic, technical and allocative efficiency at Swedish dairy farms
  91. Theories of the firm: Marginalist, behavioral, managerial
  92. Managerial activities: A missing link in managerial discretion theory
  93.  Business Economics and Managerial Decision Making
  94. The economics of managerial taxes and corporate risk-taking
  95. Honesty in managerial reporting
  96. The history of progress functions as a managerial technology
  97. Managerial efficiency, managerial succession and organizational performance
  98. Managerial attitudes and corporate actions
  99. Valuing reductions in on-the-job illness:’presenteeism’from managerial and economic perspectives
  100. Simulation gaming in the managerial economics course
  101. Corporate control and managerial misrepresentation of firm performance
  102.  Managerial Economics: Tools for analyzing business strategy
  103.  Managerial economics
  104. Manufacturing strategy, manufacturing strength, managerial success, and economic outcomes
  105. Does performance-based managerial compensation affect corporate performance?
  106. Two managerial economics approaches to the R&D decision process
  107.  Financial Analysis
  108. Managerial discretion and the economic determinants of the disclosed volatility parameter for valuing ESOs
  109.  Managerial dilemmas: The political economy of hierarchy
  110. Changes in Russian managerial values: A test of the convergence hypothesis?
  111. Assessing empirical research in managerial accounting: a value-based management perspective
  112.  Managerial labour markets in small and medium-sized enterprises
  113. Operant behavioral economics
  114. Vertical integration and economic performance: a managerial capability framework
  115. Managerial ownership, accounting choices, and informativeness of earnings
  116. Managerial perceptions of the economic impact of labor relations programs
  117.  Managerial uses of accounting information
  118. Market, organizational and managerial correlates of economic performance in the UK electrical engineering industry
  119. Economic sectors in Egypt and their managerial implications
  120. Empirical managerial accounting research: are we just describing management consulting practice?
  121. The role of the academic and political empowerment of women in economic, social and managerial empowerment: The case of Saudi Arabia
  122. The managerial rents model: Theory and empirical analysis
  123. Economic crisis and the centralization of control over the managerial process: Corporate restructuring and neo-Fordist decision-making
  124. Product-market competition and managerial slack
  125. Opportunities for value-based selling in an economic crisis: Managerial insights from a firm boundary theory
  126. Using ‘The Apprentice’to teach a managerial economics course
  127. A “managerial” trade union and economic growth
  128.  Financial deepening and economic growth in Nigeria (1981-2012): a managerial economic perspective
  129. ” The Nation as an Economic Unit”: Keynes, Roosevelt, and the Managerial Ideal
  130. Institutional and economic influences on the adoption and extensiveness of managerial innovation in hospitals: The case of reengineering
  131. Managerial behavior and the social responsibility debate: Goals versus constraints
  132. Managerial resources and rents
  133.  Managerial and economic impacts of reducing delivery variance in the supply chain
  134. On the optimal relation between the properties of managerial and financial reporting systems
  135. Managerial incentives and product market competition
  136. Organizational beliefs and managerial vision
  137.  The twenty-first-century media industry: Economic and managerial implications in the age of new media
  138. Managerial skills acquisition and the theory of economic development
  139. On explaining performance differentials: Marketing and the managerial theory of the firm
  140. Economic growth and poverty in the region: international experience, approaches and managerial mechanisms
  141. On the nature of managerial tasks and skills: their distinguishing characteristics and organization
  142. Adam Smith: managerial insights from the father of economics
  143. Impact of small-and medium-sized enterprises sustainability practices and performance on economic growth from a managerial perspective: Modeling considerations …
  144. Revisiting managerial perspectives on dividend policy
  145. The method of ethnographic and content analysis in determining development factors of economic and managerial tourism performance
  146. Managerial public administration: strategy and structure for a new state
  147. Managerial reasoning about aspirations and expectations
  148. Managerial and customer costs of price adjustment: direct evidence from industrial markets
  149. Redesigning managerial economics to suit the MBA
  150.  Managerial accounting
  151. Industry 4.0 from a Managerial Economics Point of View
  152. Economic and managerial perspectives on new venture growth: An integrated analysis
  153. Economic adjustment during the Great Recession: The role of managerial quality
  154. How much are differences in managerial ability worth?
  155. Managerial authority
  156. The managerial performances evaluation through the economic value added
  157. Asymmetry of pre-decision information and managerial accounting
  158. Studying the relationship between managerial ability and real earnings management in economic and financial crisis conditions
  159. Managerial perceptions of the adequacy of export incentive programs: Implications for export-led economic development policy
  160. The hassle factor: An explanation for managerial locational shunning
  161. Managerial problems in Kuwait
  162.  Frontiers of business, management and economics: An interdisciplinary collection of managerial research findings and breakthroughs
  163. Managerial efficiency and survivability in professional team sports
  164. Dynamic capital structure under managerial entrenchment
  165. Managerial cognition, sunk costs, and the evolution of industry structure
  166. The impact of managerial quality on organizational performance: evidence from German soccer
  167. Managerial decision-making in international business: A forty-five-year retrospective
  168. Identification of criteria, features and levels of economic and managerial competencies development for bachelors in mechanical engineering
  169. Timing, investment opportunities, managerial discretion, and the security issue decision
  170. Learning and teaching managerial economics: a critical approach
  171. Team performance and managerial change in the English Football League
  172. Healthy business? managerial education and management in health care
  173. Weak and strong disposability vs. natural and managerial disposability in DEA environmental assessment: comparison between Japanese electric power industry and …
  174. SME ambidexterity during economic recessions: The role of managerial external capabilities
  175. Exercises in the managerial economics of forestry.
  176. Managerial incentives and risk-taking
  177.  An economic theory of managerial firms: strategic delegation in oligopoly
  178. Managerial incentives and capital management
  179. Industry product market competition and managerial incentives
  180. Behavioral models of managerial decision-making
  181. Managerial policy and economic analysis of wind-generated renewable hydrogen for light-duty vehicles: Green solution of energy crises
  182.  Managerial economics
  183. The determinants of managerial accounting policy choice: Further evidence for the UK
  184. Academic Salaries–A Personal Application of Managerial Economics.
  185.  … the effect and economic impact of absenteeism, presenteeism, and work environment–related problems on reductions in productivity from a managerial …
  186.  The impact of SME sustainability practices and performance on economic growth from a managerial perspective: Some modeling considerations and empirical …
  187. Responses of the Warsaw Stock Exchange to the US macroeconomic data announcements
  188. Measuring managerial efficiency: The case of baseball
  189. Managerial ownership of voting rights: A study of public corporations with dual classes of common stock
  190.  A factorial analysis of the managerial linear thinking model
  191. Risk reduction as a managerial motive for conglomerate mergers
  192.  Decision-making research in managerial accounting: return to behavioral-economics foundations
  193.  Strengthening teamwork to improve student engagement in Managerial Economics and Strategy
  194. Managerial ability—a review of its basis and potential improvement using psychological concepts
  195. Managerial Corporate Governance Communication
  196. Efficacy, effectiveness, efficiency: from judicial to managerial rationality
  197. Managerial efficiency in German top league soccer: an econometric analysis of club performances on and off the pitch
  198. What about managerial geography?
  199. Structural models and endogeneity in corporate finance: The link between managerial ownership and corporate performance
  200. Business Economics and Managerial Decision Making
  201. Managerial judges: An economic analysis of the judicial management of legal discovery
  202. two Deficits and economic Growth: case of cee countries in transition
  203. A neo-Kaleckian–Goodwin model of capitalist economic growth: monopoly power, managerial pay and labour market conflict
  204.  Managerial entrenchment and corporate social responsibility engagement: The role of economic policy uncertainty
  205.  Value at Risk as a tool for economic-managerial decision-making in the process of trading in the financial market
  206. Managing for competitiveness: a proposed model for managerial focus
  207.  Strategic directions of state assistance to enterprises development in Ukraine: managerial and financial aspects
  208. Managerial objectives: A retrospective on utility maximization in pro team sports
  209. The Influence of the Employee’s Performance on the company’s growth-a managerial perspective
  210.  … relationship of environmental management accounting, environmental strategy and managerial commitment with environmental performance and economic …
  211. Managerial competition, information costs, and corporate governance: The use of accounting performance measures in proxy contests
  212. Managerial accounting and decision making, in energy industry
  213. The managerial limitation to the growth of firms
  214. A modest proposal: How we might change the process and product of managerial research
  215. Management as a science: emerging trends in economic and managerial theory
  216. Managerial performance, Tobin’s Q, and the gains from successful tender offers
  217. Managerial power and Soviet politics
  218. New perspectives in managerial decision-making
  219. DEA radial and non-radial models for unified efficiency under natural and managerial disposability: theoretical extension by strong complementary slackness …
  220. Extended games played by managerial firms
  221. Performance evaluation, economic value added and managerial behaviour
  222. Stackelberg equilibrium in oligopoly: an explanation based on managerial incentives
  223. Behavioral CEOs: The role of managerial overconfidence
  224. An analysis of the stock price reaction to sudden executive deaths: Implications for the managerial labor market
  225. Managerial learning in the transformation of Eastern Europe: Some key issues
  226. Effects of changing economic conditions on managerial job changes and careers
  227. Current Approaches to Assessing and Enhancing the Efficiency of Managerial Decisions in Agrarian Organizations.
  228. Managerial control of voting rights: Financing policies and the market for corporate control
  229. Has moral hazard become a more important factor in managerial compensation?
  230. Digital economy as a tool for reducing of uncertainty in strategic managerial decisions
  231. Board classification and managerial entrenchment: Evidence from the market for corporate control
  232. Understanding the determinants of managerial ownership and the link between ownership and performance
  233. Constructing sustainable tourism development: The 2030 agenda and the managerial ecology of sustainable tourism
  234. Privatization, insider control and managerial entrenchment in Russia
  235. Managerial contracting and corporate social responsibility
  236. Managerial efficiency and human capital: an application to English association football
  237. A theory of hierarchies based on limited managerial attention
  238. How managerial learning can assist economic transformation in Russia
  239. Managerial control, performance, and executive compensation
  240.  Managerial marketing
  241. Managerial overconfidence and corporate policies
  242. Regulatory and life cycle influences on managerial incentives
  243.  Importance of environmentally managerial accounting to environmental and economic performance
  244. Assessment of public service broadcasting: economic and managerial performance criteria
  245. The effects of managerial turnover: Evidence from coach dismissals in Italian soccer teams
  246. Returns to scale and damages to scale under natural and managerial disposability: Strategy, efficiency and competitiveness of petroleum firms
  247. Assessing the effects of managerial and production practices on the efficiency of commercial pig farming
  248. Economics of managerial neglect in supply chain delivery performance
  249. Diseconomies of size with fixed managerial ability
  250.  Managerial characteristics and export performance–empirical evidence from Kosovo
  251. Developing economic and managerial competencies of bachelors in mechanical engineering
  252. China’s special economic zones: the cultural and managerial challenges
  253.  Markets and managerial hierarchies
  254. China’s evolving managerial labor market
  255. Stochastic frontiers and the temporal structure of managerial efficiency in English soccer
  256. A managerial decision model of international cooperative venture formation
  257. Managerial ownership, entrenchment and innovation
  258. Managerial effort incentives, X-inefficiency and international trade
  259. Stock options and managerial incentives for risk taking: Evidence from FAS 123R
  260. Firm diversification and CEO compensation: Managerial ability or executive entrenchment?
  261. The ethereal hand: Organizational economics and management theory
  262. Managerial intensity, firm size and growth
  263. Strategic research partnerships: A managerial perspective
  264. Playing it safe? Managerial preferences, risk, and agency conflicts
  265. Managerial value diversion and shareholder wealth
  266. How much do network support and managerial skills affect women’s entrepreneurial success? The overlooked role of country economic development
  267. Toward a new industrial organization? OSS in economic and managerial perspective
  268. Operational decisions, capital structure, and managerial compensation: A news vendor perspective
  269.  Corporate financial structure and managerial incentives
  270. Consumer surplus and budget constrained preference maximization: A note
  271. The reaction of the WSE to US employment news announcements
  272. Agency theory, managerial welfare, and takeover bid resistance
  273. Managerial fads and fashions: The diffusion and rejection of innovations
  274.  External environmental disclosure and reporting by large European companies: An economic, social, and political analysis of managerial behaviour
  275. The impact of long-range managerial compensation plans on shareholder wealth
  276. Entrepreneurial orientation in high-tech and low-tech SMEs in Malopolska region
  277.  Managerial economics: Theory, applications, and cases
  278.  Introduction to managerial finance
  279. Conflicting Values and Cultures: The Managerial Threat to
  280.  Managerial capitalism: ownership, management and the coming new mode of production
  281.  Managerial economics: analysis and strategy
  282. Firm failure and managerial labor markets evidence from Texas banking
  283. On the design of managerial incentive structures in a decentralized planning environment
  284. An empirical analysis of managerial approaches to the role of inventories
  285.  Transformation of managerial economic thinking in global turbulence via customer value-based orientation
  286. Safety in numbers: A model of managerial herd behavior
  287. On the impact of managerial bonus systems on firm profit and market competition: the cases of pure profit, sales, market share and relative profits compared
  288. Managerial incentives, CEO characteristics and corporate innovation in China’s private sector
  289. Greenhouse gas emissions in Canada and Japan: Sector-specific estimates and managerial and economic implications
  290. Innovative managerial decisions: Towards a conflict-compromise approach
  291. Does managerial ownership influence corporate social responsibility (CSR)? The role of economic policy uncertainty
  292. Measuring managerial efficiency: the case of commercial greenhouse growers
  293. Managing resource allocation: Personal reflections from a managerial perspective
  294. Top managerial prestige and organizational bankruptcy
  295. Are perks purely managerial excess?
  296. The bright side of managerial over-optimism
  297.  Working capital management of SMEs and managerial approaches in COVID-19: Implications for economic development & policy
  298. Managerial efficiency in Taiwan bank branches: A network DEA
  299. Managerial values and employee commitment in a cultural context
  300. Competitor identification and competitor analysis: a broad-based managerial approach
  301.  Economic feasibility of projects: managerial and engineering practice
  302. Managerial talent, motivation, and self-selection into public management
  303. The long-run relationship between the stock market and main macroeconomic variables in Poland
  304. Managerial efficiency and hospitality industry: the Portuguese case
  305.  Principles of managerial finance
  306.  Managerial economics: Theory, applications, and cases
  307. Who thinks about the competition? Managerial ability and strategic entry in US local telephone markets
  308. Analytical and managerial issues of human capital in conditions of global competitiveness: the case of Kazakhstan
  309.  Financial determinants of corporate reputation: A short-term approach
  310. Strategy as economics versus economics as strategy
  311. Evaluating program and managerial efficiency: an application of data envelopment analysis to program follow through
  312. Managerial turnover and the theory of short-termism
  313. Managerial compensation and the agency costs of debt finance
  314.  Psychological and managerial problems of modern higher education
  315. Managerial incentives and environmental compliance
  316. The impact of institutional stockholders and managerial interests on the capital structure of firms
  317.  Fundamentals of managerial economics
  318. The behavioral and neuroeconomics of reinforcer pathologies: Implications for managerial and health decision making
  319. Organizational performance and managerial turnover
  320. Technologies of development and implementation of systems of internal managerial information
  321.  Building insights of managerial economics and accounting towards sustainable forest management
  322. Managerial incentives as a strategic variable in duopolistic environment
  323. Managerial incentives and collusive behavior
  324. Managerial power and rent extraction in the design of executive compensation
  325. Target abnormal returns associated with acquisition announcements: Payment, acquisition form, and managerial resistance
  326. Managerial and windfall rents in the market for corporate control
  327. Managerial ownership and company performance in German small and medium-sized private enterprises
  328. Long-term performance of divesting firms and the effect of managerial ownership
  329. Particularities of solving the problems of support for managerial decision making in production and economic systems using the statistical data
  330. Implementation of managerial innovations in the system of providing economic security for subjects of foreign economic activity
  331.  Making hotels more energy efficient: the managerial perception
  332. Hedge funds, managerial skill, and macroeconomic variables
  333. Does a micro-macro link exist between managerial value of reciprocity, social capital and firm performance? The case of SMEs in China
  334. Cartels, managerial incentives, and productive efficiency in German coal mining, 1881–1913
  335. Agency research in managerial accounting: A second look
  336. Managerial succession and firm performance
  337. Managerial discretion and optimal financing policies
  338. Managerial incentives and the international organization of production
  339. Can managerial economics aid the chief executive officer?: 1st annual MDE lecture, Pace University, Graduate School of Business, New York City, USA
  340. Can advancements in economic and managerial practice be achieved without systems thinking education as the foundation?
  341. Unraveling the black box of cost behavior: An empirical investigation of risk drivers, managerial resource procurement, and cost elasticity
  342. Comparative advantage of the EU in global value chains: How important and efficient are new EU members in transition?
  343. Tournaments and managerial incentives in China’s listed firms: New evidence
  344. Asset sales, firm performance, and the agency costs of managerial discretion
  345. Endogenous overconfidence in managerial forecasts
  346.  Challenges of the Managerial Decision in the Context of the Economic Crisis Induced by the Effects of COVID-19
  347. Managerial style and firm value
  348. Managerial objectives of symphony orchestras
  349. Managerial theories: Baumol and Marris
  350. Optimal executive compensation versus managerial power: A review of Lucian Bebchuk and Jesse Fried’s pay without performance: The unfulfilled promise of …
  351. Toward a General Theory of Managerial Discretion [with Comment and Reply]
  352. Design and demonstration of an online managerial economics game with automated coaching for learning and graded exercises for assessment
  353.  Managerial economics: analysis, problems, cases
  354. Integrated regulation of nonpoint pollution: Combining managerial controls and economic instruments under multiple environmental targets
  355. The third managerial revolution
  356. Managerial rewards and the behavior of for-profit, governmental, and nonprofit organizations: evidence from the hospital industry