Social Responsibility an Managerial Ethics MCQs

Social Responsibility & Managerial Ethics MCQs with answers.

One of the six characters which fix the intensity of the issue is _______

(A). Probability of harm
(B).  The immediacy of consequences
(C).  Proximity to victims
(D). All of the above
(E).   None of these
Multiple Choice Question Answer: D
8. The individuals which raise ethical concerns to others, inside or outside the organization are known as ______

(A). Entrepreneur
(B).  Whistle blowers
(C).  Social entrepreneur
(D). Social impact management
(E).   None of these
Multiple Choice Question Answer: B

An outspoken advocate of the classical view of the management’s responsibility was _______

(A).  Wieck and Adams
(B).  Jacques and Patchen
(C).  Milton Friedman
(D).  None of the above

ANSWER: (C).  Milton Friedman

Stockholders have an only concern of _____

(A).  Financial return
(B).  Make profits
(C).  Encourage business
(D).  None of the above

ANSWER: (A).  Financial return

The disadvantage of the social responsibility is ___

(A).  Possession of resources
(B).  Ethical obligation
(C).  Public image
(D).  Violation of profit maximization

ANSWER: (D).  Violation of profit maximization
What is this said when the social criteria are applied to investment decisions?

(A).  Social responsiveness
(B).  Ethical obligation
(C).  Social screening
(D).  Financial return

ANSWER: (C).  Social screening

Light green approach is _______
(A).  Market approach
(B).  Activist
(C).  Stakeholder approach
(D).  Legal

ANSWER: (D).  Legal

The aim of shared organizational values is ______

(A). Build Team Support
(B).  Inuence marketing efforts
(C). Guide managers’ decisions and actions
(D).  All of the above
(E).   None of these
Multiple Choice Question Answer: d
The factor which affects ethical and unethical behavior is ______

(A). Ethical dilemma
(B).  Diversity
(C).  Teamwork
(D).  Open communication
(E).   None of these
Multiple Choice Question Answer: A

Second stage of moral development is ________

(A). Principled
(B).  Conventional
(C).  Pre conventional
(D).  None of the above
(E).   None of these
Multiple Choice Question Answer: B
Personality measure of the strength of a person’s convictions is known as _______

(A). Locus of control
(B).  Ego
(C).  Ego Strength
(D).  None of the above
(E).   None of these
Multiple Choice Question Answer: C
Which among the following term refers to the principles, values, and beliefs which dene right and wrong behavior?

(A). Customer satisfaction
(B).  Empowerment
(C).  Innovation
(D).  Ethics
(E).   None of these
Multiple Choice Question Answer: D

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