List of Famous Ghazwa or battles of Islam

Let me share with you a list of some famous  Ghazwa or battles of Islam.

Ghazwa Name Year in CE Result Opponents Important to know
Conquest of Mecca 630 CE Muslim Victory Meccans 1.       The Kaaba was purified of idols

2.       Islam gained a significant number of followers.

3.       The Great Muslims entered Mecca peacefully, and the Meccans surrendered without a fight.

Hunayn 630 CE Muslim Victory Hawazin tribe 1.       The Great Muslims faced a surprise attack but were able to regroup and win the battle.

2.       Large amounts of booty were captured from the Hawazin tribe.

Al-Ta’if 630 CE Muslim Defeat Thaqif tribe 1.       Prophet Muhammad was injured in this battle.

2.       The Great Muslims besieged the city of Al-Ta’if but were ultimately forced to retreat.

Khaybar 628 CE Muslim Victory Jews 1.       The Great Muslims attacked a Jewish fortress at Khaybar and emerged victorious.

2.       The Jews agreed to surrender in exchange for retaining their land and rights.

Khandaq 627 CE Muslim Victory Confederates 1.       The Great Muslims dug a trench to protect Medina from the Confederates

2.       battle ended in a Muslim victory.

Banu Qurayza 627 CE Muslim Victory Jewish tribe 1.       A Jewish tribe, Banu Qurayza, broke their alliance with the Great Muslims and conspired with the Meccans.

2.        After a siege, the tribe surrendered and were punished according to Jewish law.

Uhud 625 CE Meccan Victory Meccans 1.       Prophet Muhammad was injured in this battle.

2.       Meccans initially suffered heavy losses

3.       Great Muslims lost due to a strategic mistakes.

Badr 624 CE Muslim Victory Meccans 1.       First significant battle in Islamic history.

2.       The Meccans were much larger in number but the Great Muslims emerged victorious with the help of divine intervention.