Ijtihad & its forms in islam MCQs

Which of the following are forms of Ijtihad in Islam?

(A). Quran

(B).  Sunnah

(C). Qiyas

(D).  Maslahah

(E).  custom (urf)

(F).  All of these

MCQ Answer:  (F).  All of these

What is the meaning of Qiyas?

(A). Similarity

(B). Comparison

(C). war

(D).  namaz

MCQ Answer:  (B). Comparison

Which of the following is the study of the objectives and aims of Islamic society Law.

(A). Roza

(B). Zakat

(C).  Maslahah

(D). None of these

MCQ Answer:  (C).  Maslahah

Which of the following is/are categories of Urf?

(A).  Approved or Valid Custom

(B). al-‘urf al-fasid

(C). al-‘urf al-sahih

(D).  Disapproved Custom

(E).  All of these

MCQ Answer:  (E).  All of these

The approved custom category can be divided into which of the following types?

(A).  Verbal

(B).  Actual

(C).  fi’li

(D).  qawli

(E).  All of these

MCQ Answer:  (E).  All of these


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