Database Systems Open Book Paper

Guess Paper 1: Database Systems Open Book Paper Fall – 2020 Past Papers

University Name – Confidential

Time Allowed: 2 hours

Total Marks:    12

Instructions: Upload your answer sheet(pdf or ms word) within 48 hours on canvas. You must submit in ms word or PDF format. Handwritten is not allowed. Handwritten is only allowed for those students who get permission from the instructor before the start of the paper timing.  The solution must be submitted in the template given to you at the bottom of this question paper.

Case Study

You need to develop a database for managing records of lost and found items of travelers at the airport. Travelers flying to and from airports forget or lost something while they’re there. This application works best to make sure that any lost items are returned to their rightful owners.

Found items should be reported or handed over at the Customer Service Information Centers of the airport. The admin adds a description (id, name, category, color, date, weight, brand, area, and manufacturer name) of found items by filling the form on the website.

The traveler report about their lost items by creating an account and fill description (name, category, color, date, weight, brand, area, pic, and manufacturer name) form on web site. If the description of the lost item is matched with the found item then an email is sent to a person whose item is lost and who finds the item. He/ She visits the airport and takes his/her item.

This System has the following functional requirements for your consideration;

  1. The user will be Registered and create his/her profile.
  2. Users will be able to log in on the website.
  3. The user will enter the information of lost item(s) as well as his/her CNIC number and required information of three witnesses. Here, information of three witnesses means you need to give a little information about any three-person who knows that the item is yours.  For this purpose, you need to fill the form three times in which you put the information of any three friends or any three-person who know about the item. For example, the missing item is Nokia Mobile and your two friends are well aware that the lost mobile is yours. Then you can enter the CNIC, name, and mobile number of those friends.
  4. Admin will enter the information of all found items and assign an id to each found item.
  5. Admin will match the product description and inform the user through email if any description matched.
  6. Admin will dispatch the item to its owner.

Note: You need to suppose the most suitable attributes for the tables by yourself by keeping in view the given case study.

Q#1:                                                                                                                4Marks

Keeping in view the above scenario, show the database tables with keys but your tables must obey 2NF to 5NF.

Q#2:                                                                                                                4Marks

Write a brief description of the reason for each normal form for each of your designed database tables.

Note: You must fill the following table separately for each of your database tables (e.g more than one tables are in the case study).

Obey the normal form Mention the reason with an example, clearly elaborating the example with attributes of the table.
2NF How?
3NF How?
3.5NF How?
4NF How?
5NF How?

Q#3:                                                                                                                4Marks

Draw the Dataflow diagram (Diagrams can be one or more than 1) of the case study.

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