Macroeconomics objective Questions

Macroeconomics objective Questions

(1) If there is a price floor there will be….

a) Surpluses

b) Equilibrium

c) Shortages

d) Price ceiling

e) None of these

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(2) The largest sector in Pakistan economy is….

a) Services

b) Industry

c) Agriculture

d) Transport

e) All of above

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(3) In past 5 years average growth rate of Pakistan national income is….

a) 26%

b) 37%

c) 7%

d) 9%

e) 6%

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(4) Which of the one is per capita income…….

a)Family income

b) Private income

c) Worker income

d) Person income

e) Industrial unit income

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(5) The growth rate of population in Pakistan……

a) 5%

b) 12%

c) 2%

d) 7%

e) 1%

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(6) Say’s law states that…….

a) There is no such things as a free lunch

b) Demand creates its own supply

c) Macroeconomic policy activism is essential to ensure full-employment

d) Supply creates its own demand

e) None of these

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(7) The most volatile component of aggregate demand is……

a) Investment

b) Consumption

c) Government spending

d) Net exports

e) Real exchange rates

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(8) Ifthe MPS increases, the multiplier will be…..

a) Decrease

b) Remain save

c) remain constant

d) Increase

e) either increase or decrease depending on the size of the change in investment

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(9)The index used most often to measure inflation is the……

a) Student price index

b) Wholesale price index

c) Producer price index

d) Consumer price index

e) None of these

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(10) All currencies other than the domestic currency of a given country are referred to as….

a) Hard currency

b) Near money

c) Reserve currency

d) Pay order

e) Foreign exchange

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(11) The exchange rate determined by unregulated forces of supply and demad are…..

a) Fixed

b) Managed

c) Floating

d) Current

e) Pegged

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(12) A variable whose value is determined by the model of which it is a part is termed…..

a) Endogenous

b) Temporary

c) Independent

d) Constant

e) Exogenous

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