Boyce-Codd Normal Form (3.5 NF)

Boyce-Codd Normal Form (3.5 NF).

A database is in BCNF if following conditions met;

  1. It is in 3NF(1NF: no repeating groups, 2NF: Full functional dependency must exist and avoid partial dependency, 3NF: Avoid Transitive Dependency).
  2. For every functional dependency X->Y, X should be the super key of the table (Non-prime attribute never determines prime attribute).

3.5 NF Boyce Codd Normal Form (BCNF) Diagram

For example, we have a table, with some data. The given table is not in BCNF.

AuthorNationalityBook titleCategoryNumber of pages
Author_APakistaniData Mining Concepts by T4TutorialsComedy700
Author_BIndianDatabase Systems by T4TutorialsTextbook350
Author_CAmericanSoftware Engineering Concepts by T4TutorialsTextbook300
Author_DAmericanSoftware Engineering Concepts by T4TutorialsTextbook300


Book titleCategoryNumber of pages
Data Mining Concepts by T4TutorialsComedy700
Database Systems by T4TutorialsTextbook350
Software Engineering Concepts by T4TutorialsTextbook300


AuthorBook title
Author_AData Mining Concepts by T4Tutorials
Author_BDatabase Systems by T4Tutorials
Author_CSoftware Engineering Concepts by T4Tutorials
Author_DSoftware Engineering Concepts by T4Tutorials

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