Right join in SQL, DBMS

Right join in SQL, DBMS

Right join shows all rows from the right table and shows only matching rows from the left table.

RegistrationNo Marks
T4Tutorials1 77
T4Tutorials2 32
T4Tutorials4 55

Table: Exams

Inner join shows results from both tables where there is any match between columns in both tables.

RegistrationNo Fee
T4Tutorials1 1000
T4Tutorials2 2000

Table: Accounts

Now, we have two different tables. If we want to show the record of both tables in one single table then we can use right join to join both two tables.

Query of right join

SELECT Exams.RegistrationNo, Exams.Marks, Accounts.Fee FROM Exams RIGHT JOIN Accounts ON Exams.RegistrationNo =  Accounts.RegistrationNo

In this query Accounts is the right table.

RegistrationNo Marks Fee
T4Tutorials1 77 1000
T4Tutorials2 32 2000

Table: Generated after Right Join


Test Your Understandings

1.Right join shows some rows from right table ? YES / NO

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No, its show all rows

2. Right join shows all rows from left table? YES / NO

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No, it can only show matching rows from left table.

3. SELECT Exams.Marks, Accounts.Fee FROM Exams Right JOIN Accounts?

In this query, exams are the right table and accounts is the left the table.


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Right join in SQL, DBMS.