Data Dictionary in DBMS

Data Dictionary

A data dictionary contains metadata of the database.

What is the metadata of the database?

The data about the database is called metadata.

Example of Data Dictionary/Meta Data

In this example, students is the database, and the fee is the table. If we want to know about the data dictionary of the database, then we can see that Attribute T4Tutorials_RollNo  having a data type of integer with a maximum size of 22 and null value as a no.

Example of Data Dictionary Meta Data
Example of Data Dictionary Meta Data

Advantages of data dictionary Data Dictionary

The data dictionary contains different kinds of information about the database. Some of the information is mentioned below;

  • Names of database tables
  • owners of the table
  • User permissions  of the table
  • security constraints
  • Schemas of database tables
  • when database tables were created etc.
  • Information about keys
    • such as primary key attributes and foreign key attributes etc.
  • Information about the database views having visibility.
  • Physical information about the storage of the tables

How to view data Dictionary in XAMPP?


STEP 2: Start the services of Apache and MySQL.


STEP 4: Click on “data dictionary” as shown in the figure below;How to view data Dictionary in XAMPP

How to view data Dictionary in XAMPPSTEP 5: Print/view or save the data dictionary

How to check data Dictionary
How to check data Dictionary


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