Mental health Research Topics

Research Area/ Research Interest: Mental health

Research Paper Topics for Masters and Ph.D. Thesis and publication

  1. From promise to practice: towards the realisation of AI-informed mental health care
  2. Future of mental health in the metaverse
  3. Mental health during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic: A review and recommendations for moving forward
  4.  Mental health surveillance among children—United States, 2013–2019
  5. Social media and mental health
  6.  Social inclusion and mental health
  7. Mental health and climate change in Africa
  8.  Mental health in times of the COVID-19 pandemic
  9. The relationship between fear of COVID-19 and mental health problems: A meta-analysis
  10.  COVID and mental health in America
  11. Suicide and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan
  12. Mental health impacts of the COVID‐19 pandemic on children and youth–a systematic review
  13.  Psychology and mental health: a contribution to developmental psychology
  14. Fear of COVID-19 impact on professional quality of life among mental health workers
  15. Positive psychology in a pandemic: Buffering, bolstering, and building mental health
  16. A systematic review and meta-analysis of longitudinal cohort studies comparing mental health before versus during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020
  17.  A systematic review of the mental health changes of children and young people before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
  18. The effect of broadband internet on the gender gap in mental health: Evidence from germany
  19.  Virtual reality as a clinical tool in mental health research and practice
  20. Boxing as an intervention in mental health: A scoping review
  21. Designing and scaling up integrated youth mental health care
  22.  Mental Health Treatment among Adults Aged 18–44: United States, 2019–2021
  23.  Shared decision making in mental health: prospects for personalized medicine
  24. Social networks and mental health change in older adults after the Covid-19 outbreak
  25.  COVID-19 and mental health: Anxiety disorders among immigrants due to COVID-19 outbreak in South Korea
  26. Mental health costs of lockdowns: Evidence from age-specific curfews in Turkey
  27.  Muslims and mental health services: A concept map and a theoretical framework
  28. Positive factors related to graduate student mental health
  29.  Interoceptive pathways to understand and treat mental health conditions
  30.  Data Visualization for Chronic Neurological and Mental Health Condition Self-management: Systematic Review of User Perspectives
  31.  Exploring the impact of COVID-19 and restrictions to daily living as a result of social distancing within veterans with pre-existing mental health difficulties
  32. Towards neuroecosociality: mental health in adversity
  33.  The mental health of university students during the COVID-19 pandemic: An online survey in the UK
  34. The Lancet Commission on ending stigma and discrimination in mental health
  35.  Racial and ethnic disparities in mental health and mental health care during the CoViD-19 pandemic
  36. The mental health implications of COVID-19 for adolescents: Follow-up of a four-wave longitudinal study during the pandemic.
  37.  Mobile technology for mental health assessment
  38. Mental health impact of COVID-19 pandemic on Spanish healthcare workers
  39.  Post COVID-19 mental health symptoms and quality of life among COVID-19 frontline clinicians: a comparative study using propensity score matching …
  40.  Social media use and its impact on adolescent mental health: An umbrella review of the evidence
  41. Tourist mental health drives destination choice, marketing, and matching
  42.  Investing for population mental health in low and middle income countries—where and why?
  43. Results of the COVID-19 mental health international for the general population (COMET-G) study
  44.  Mental health care and social policy
  45. A review of mental health disparities during COVID-19: Evidence, mechanisms, and policy recommendations for promoting societal resilience
  46.  … of homeschooling during the COVID-19 pandemic: Differences between seven European countries and between children with and without mental health …
  47. Negative information measurement at ai edge: A new perspective for mental health monitoring
  48. Cohort Profile: COVIDMENT: COVID-19 cohorts on mental health across six nations
  49. Mental health service users’ perspectives on psychiatric advance directives: a systematic review
  50. Intervention: Enhancing mental health and well-being around the world.
  51.  Mental health symptoms one year after acute COVID-19 infection: Prevalence and risk factors
  52.  Global priorities for climate change and mental health research
  53.  Acute COVID-19 severity and mental health morbidity trajectories in patient populations of six nations: an observational study
  54. The (un) learning of social functions and its significance for mental health
  55. Mental health and social contact during the COVID-19 pandemic: an ecological momentary assessment study
  56. A meta-analysis of the problematic social media use and mental health
  57. Impact of COVID‐19 lockdowns on mental health: Evidence from a quasi‐natural experiment in England and Scotland
  58.  A machine learning analysis of COVID-19 mental health data
  59. One-year mental health outcomes in a cohort of COVID-19 survivors
  60.  Climate change and children’s mental health: a developmental perspective
  61.  Pragmatic vs explanatory trials: the pragmascope tool to help measure differences in protocols of mental health randomized controlled trials
  62. Mental Health Burden of the Russian–Ukrainian War 2022 (RUW-22): Anxiety and Depression Levels among Young Adults in Central Europe
  63. Loneliness and mental health in children and adolescents with pre‐existing mental health problems: A rapid systematic review
  64. Mental health and psychological wellbeing in the early stages of doctoral study: a systematic review
  65. … people with autism access mental health services specifically suicide hotlines and crisis support services, and current approaches to mental health care: A scoping …
  66. Tourism and Mental Health: Foundations, Frameworks, and Futures
  67. University Students’ Mental Health and Well-Being during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Findings from the UniCoVac Qualitative Study
  68. Mental health facilitators and barriers during Covid-19 in Nigeria
  69. Trajectories of participation, mental health, and mental health problems in adolescents with self-reported neurodevelopmental disorders
  70. The physical office workplace as a resource for mental health–A systematic scoping review
  71. Interventions for mental health, cognition, and psychological wellbeing in long COVID: a systematic review of registered trials
  72. The mental health of student-athletes: a systematic scoping review
  73. Strengthening of student youth’s mental health using play sports
  74. Hospital nurses’ moral distress and mental health during COVID‐19
  75. Mental Health during the Early Stage of the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Hong Kong Study
  76.  Psychiatric mental health nursing: An interpersonal approach
  77. Association between repeated exposure to hurricanes and mental health in a representative sample of Florida residents
  78. Mental health symptoms during the COVID-19 pandemic in developing countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis.
  79. Like this meta-analysis: Screen media and mental health.
  80.  Mental health burden of high school students, and suggestions for psychosocial support, 1.5 years into the COVID-19 pandemic in Austria
  81. Public mental health: required actions to address implementation failure in the context of COVID-19
  82.  Mental health impact of COVID-19 among children and college students: a systematic review
  83.  Designing personality-adaptive conversational agents for mental health care
  84. Moral injury, mental health and behavioural health outcomes: A systematic review of the literature
  85. Use of technology to provide mental health care for racial and ethnic minorities: Evidence, promise, and challenges
  86. The multi-sites trial on the effects of therapeutic gardening on mental health and well-being
  87.  College mental health before and during the COVID-19 pandemic: results from a nationwide survey
  88.  Work-Life balance and mental health needs of health professionals during COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey
  89. Implementation of peer support in mental health services: A systematic review of the literature.
  90. Peer Support and Mental Health of Migrant Domestic Workers: A Scoping Review
  91.  Access to gender-affirming hormones during adolescence and mental health outcomes among transgender adults
  92. Syllabus tone, more than mental health statements, influence intentions to seek help
  93. Health care workers’ mental health in the face of COVID-19: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  94. How to Build Network Effects on Online Platforms for Mental Health
  95. Socio-economic inequalities in social network, loneliness and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic
  96. The Productivity Commission inquiry into mental health
  97.  Strengthening mental health responses to COVID-19 in the Americas: A health policy analysis and recommendations
  98.  Impact of Electronic Health Records on Information Practices in Mental Health Contexts: Scoping Review
  99.  Mental health and health behaviour changes for mothers of children with a disability: Effectiveness of a health and wellbeing workshop
  100.  Affiliative and prosocial motives and emotions in mental health
  101.  Microbiota-targeted interventions for mental health
  102. Six ideas about how to address the autism mental health crisis
  103.  Pediatric Emergency department visits associated with mental health conditions before and during the COVID-19 Pandemic—United States, January 2019 …
  104. The mental health benefits of community helping during crisis: Coordinated helping, community identification and sense of unity during the COVID‐19 pandemic
  105. Immediate and longer-term changes in the mental health and well-being of older adults in England during the COVID-19 pandemic
  106. A systematic review of mental health disorders of children in foster care
  107. The Relationship Between Social Support and Mental Health Degrees in Emerging Adulthood of Students
  108.  The association between physical activity and mental health during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic: a systematic review
  109.  Green space quality and adolescent mental health: do personality traits matter?
  110. The digital divide impacts on mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic
  111.  How do income changes impact on mental health and wellbeing for working-age adults? A systematic review and meta-analysis
  112. Mental health burden of frontline health professionals treating imported patients with COVID-19 in China during the pandemic
  113. Mental health impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on parents in high-risk, low income communities
  114. Unequal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health: Role of the neighborhood environment
  115. School closures during social lockdown and mental health, health behaviors, and well-being among children and adolescents during the first COVID-19 wave: a …
  116.  Comparison of mental health outcomes in seropositive and seronegative adolescents during the COVID19 pandemic
  117. The use and impact of digital technologies for and on the mental health and wellbeing of Indigenous people: A systematic review of empirical studies
  118. The cognitive processes behind commercialized board games for intervening in mental health and education: A committee of experts
  119. Sounding the Alarm for Children’s Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  120. Mental health services are failing the criminal justice system
  121. Green exercise, mental health symptoms, and state lockdown policies: A longitudinal study
  122.  Applying salutogenesis in community-wide mental health promotion
  123. Understanding the mental health effects of instability in the private rental sector: A longitudinal analysis of a national cohort
  124.  Symptoms of mental health conditions and suicidal ideation among state, tribal, local, and territorial public health workers—United States, March 14–25, 2022
  125. Social identity makes group-based social connection possible: Implications for loneliness and mental health
  126. A Hierarchical Taxonomy of Psychopathology (HiTOP) primer for mental health researchers
  127. College student engagement with mental health apps: Analysis of barriers to sustained use
  128. Status of mental health and its associated factors among the general populace of India during COVID‐19 pandemic
  129.  Opening the black box of the relationship between neighborhood socioeconomic status and mental health: Neighborhood social-interactive characteristics as …
  130. Mental health during COVID-19 pandemic: The role of optimism and emotional regulation
  131. Positive cognitive reappraisal in stress resilience, mental health, and well-being: A comprehensive systematic review
  132.  The utility of patient‐reported outcome measures in mental health
  133. Physical health, media use, and mental health in children and adolescents with ADHD during the COVID-19 pandemic in Australia
  134. Neighbourhood greenspace quantity, quality and socioeconomic inequalities in mental health
  135.  The promoting effect of mental health education on students’ social adaptability: implications for environmental
  136. Attachment anxiety predicts worse mental health outcomes during COVID-19: Evidence from two studies
  137. Is the Black-White mental health paradox consistent across age, gender, and psychiatric disorders?
  138.  Companion to primary care mental health
  139.  No one can see me cry: understanding mental health issues for Black and minority ethnic staff in higher education
  140. Effectiveness of dietary interventions in mental health treatment: A rapid review of reviews
  141. Development of health care workers’ mental health during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in Switzerland: two cross-sectional studies
  142.  Contextualizing adolescent structural brain development: Environmental determinants and mental health outcomes
  143.  Effects of shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) and nature therapy on mental health: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  144.  Stages of lipoedema: Experiences of physical and mental health and health care
  145. Nurses’ mental health from early COVID‐19 pandemic to vaccination
  146.  Practical implications of research on intimate partner violence experiences for the mental health clinician
  147.  Climate change and mental health research methods, gaps, and priorities: a scoping review
  148.  Music therapy in mental health for illness management and recovery
  149. Levels and predictors of depression, anxiety, and suicidal risk during COVID-19 pandemic in Argentina: the impacts of quarantine extensions on mental health state
  150.  How do funeral practices impact bereaved relatives’ mental health, grief and bereavement? A mixed methods review with implications for COVID-19
  151.  Efficacy of behavioral interventions to improve maternal mental health and breastfeeding outcomes: a systematic review
  152. Mental health and perceived stress in kinesiology graduate students
  153. A gamified app for supporting undergraduate students’ mental health: A feasibility and usability study
  154. Do work-family initiatives improve employee mental health? Longitudinal evidence from a nationally representative cohort
  155. The Mental Health of Older Adults in the Densely Populated Areas of Tacna Region—Peru, 2021: Implications of the COVID-19 Information
  156.  Risks of mental health outcomes in people with covid-19: cohort study
  157.  An overview of and recommendations for more accessible digital mental health services
  158.  The mental health benefits of visiting canals and rivers: An ecological momentary assessment study
  159. Qualitative Investigation into the mental health of healthcare workers in Japan during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  160. The relationship between psychological capital and mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic: A longitudinal mediation model
  161. Mental health of business academics within the COVID-19 era: can meaningful work help? A qualitative study
  162.  Impact on mental health of the COVID-19 outbreak among general practitioners during the sanitary lockdown period
  163. Re‐imagining mental health services for American Indian communities: Centering Indigenous perspectives
  164. Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and health behaviors in Swedish adolescents
  165. Age disparities in mental health during the COVID19 pandemic: The roles of resilience and coping
  166. Religion protected mental health but constrained crisis response during crucial early days of the COVID‐19 pandemic
  167. Time for hard choices: A new global order for mental health
  168.  The Mental Health Quality of Life Questionnaire (MHQoL): development and first psychometric evaluation of a new measure to assess quality of life in people …
  169. … “mental health” after mental health legislation and during the COVID-19 pandemic: an infodemiological study of public interest in mental health in the Philippines
  170.  Participatory Methods for Systems Modeling of Youth Mental Health: Implementation Protocol
  171. “Don’t Just Study our Distress, Do Something”: Implementing and Evaluating a Modified Stepped-Care Model for Health Care Worker Mental Health During the COVID …
  172. A large‐scale meta‐analytic atlas of mental health problems prevalence during the COVID‐19 early pandemic
  173. Mental health status of university students and working professionals during the early stage of COVID-19 in Bangladesh
  174. Mental health in lifestyle medicine: A call to action
  175.  Physical, cognitive and mental health outcomes in 1-year survivors of COVID-19-associated ARDS
  176. Mental health and wellbeing of Indonesian medical students: A regional comparison study
  177. Online psychosocial interventions for improving mental health in people during the COVID-19 pandemic: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  178. Dealing with distress from the COVID‐19 pandemic: Mental health stressors and coping strategies in vulnerable Latinx communities
  179. Maternal mental health and infant development during the COVID-19 pandemic
  180. Trends in mental health indicators among nurses participating in healthy nurse, healthy nation from 2017 to 2021
  181. Digital mental health interventions for child and adolescent anxiety
  182. A systematic scoping review of community‐based interventions for the prevention of mental ill‐health and the promotion of mental health in older adults in the UK
  183.  Peer gender and mental health
  184. Working with interpreters in mental health
  185. Nurses’ mental health and coping strategies throughout COVID‐19 outbreak: A nationwide qualitative study
  186. A Systematic Review of Mental Health Professionals, Patients, and Carers’ Perceived Barriers and Enablers to Supporting Smoking Cessation in Mental Health …
  187. A systematic review and meta‐analysis of the mental health symptoms during the Covid‐19 pandemic in S outheast A sia
  188. Is there an App for that?: Ethical issues in the digital mental health response to COVID-19
  189. Mental health & maltreatment risk of children with special educational needs during COVID-19
  190. Subjective well-being and mental health during the pandemic outbreak: Exploring the role of institutional trust
  191. What should be the future focus of mental health nursing? Exploring the perspectives of mental health nurses, consumers, and allied health staff
  192. How demographics and concerns about the Trump administration relate to prenatal mental health among Latina women
  193. Mental performance and mental health services in sport: A call for interprofessional competence and collaboration
  194. Adolescent mental health, connectedness, and mode of school instruction during COVID-19
  195.  Pharmacological treatment of cognitive deficits in nondementing mental health disorders
  196. Mental health in people with minority sexual orientations: A meta‐analysis of population‐based studies
  197. Performers of the night: Examining the mental health of electronic music artists
  198.  Digital Therapeutic Alliance With Fully Automated Mental Health Smartphone Apps: A Narrative Review
  199. Physician health care visits for mental health and substance use during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ontario, Canada
  200.  The Effects of Nonclinician Guidance on Effectiveness and Process Outcomes in Digital Mental Health Interventions: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
  201.  Resilience: a mediator of the negative effects of pandemic-related stress on women’s mental health in the USA
  202. Who suffered most? Parental stress and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic in Germany
  203.  Mental Health in German Paralympic Athletes During the 1st Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic Compared to a General Population Sample
  204.  Mental health, suicidality, and connectedness among high school students during the COVID-19 pandemic—Adolescent Behaviors and Experiences Survey …
  205. Changes in sewage sludge chemical signatures during a COVID‐19 community lockdown, part 1: Traffic, drugs, mental health, and disinfectants
  206.  Ukraine–Russia crisis and its impacts on the mental health of Ukrainian young people during the COVID-19 pandemic
  207. The hidden minority: Discrimination and mental health among international students in the US during the COVID‐19 pandemic
  208. Physical activity levels and mental health burden of healthcare workers during COVID‐19 lockdown
  209. Mental health care for older adults: recent advances and new directions in clinical practice and research
  210. Prevalence of mental health problems and associated risk factors among military healthcare workers in specialized COVID‐19 hospitals in Wuhan, China: A cross …
  211.  Methods and applications of social media monitoring of mental health during disasters: scoping review
  212. Parental mental health and child anxiety during the COVID‐19 pandemic in Latin America
  213.  The psychological impact of COVID-19 on individuals with and without mental health disorders
  214. What matters more for employees’ mental health: job quality or job quantity?
  215. Editorial Perspective: Challenges of research focusing on child and adolescent mental health during the COVID‐19 era: what studies are needed?
  216.  Psychological responses, mental health, and sense of agency for the dual challenges of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic in young people in the …
  217.  Could mindfulness diminish mental health disorders? The serial mediating role of self-compassion and psychological well-being
  218.  Scoping review to evaluate the effects of peer support on the mental health of young adults
  219. Student Perspectives on improving mental health support Services at university
  220.  Changes in alcohol use during the COVID-19 pandemic: Impact of the lockdown conditions and mental health factors
  221.  OCD in the time of COVID-19: A global pandemic’s impact on mental health patients and their treatment providers
  222. State lockdown policies, mental health symptoms, and using substances
  223.  Impact of war and forced displacement on children’s mental health—multilevel, needs-oriented, and trauma-informed approaches
  224. Mental health impact of COVID-19 in frontline healthcare workers in a Belgian Tertiary care hospital: A prospective longitudinal study
  225. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health of the adult population in Bangladesh: a nationwide cross-sectional study
  226. Mental health help-seeking in China
  227. Person-centered cultural assessment can improve child mental health service engagement and outcomes
  228. The mental health impact of perinatal loss: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  229. Safety and belonging as explanations for mental health disparities among sexual minority college students.
  230. The Needs-to-Goals Gap: How informant discrepancies in youth mental health assessments impact service delivery
  231. Weight stigma and mental health in youth: A systematic review and meta-analysis
  232.  The Protective Role of Parent Resilience on Mental Health and the Parent–Child Relationship during COVID-19
  233. … of changes in alcohol consumption patterns during the first 2020 COVID-19 restrictions for people with and without mental health and neurodevelopmental conditions …
  234.  Associations of university student life challenges with mental health and self-rated health: a longitudinal study with 6 months follow-up
  235. Aligning students and counseling centers on student mental health needs and treatment resources
  236.  Compassion protects mental health and social safeness during the COVID-19 pandemic across 21 countries
  237.  Do mindfulness-based programmes improve the cognitive skills, behaviour and mental health of children and adolescents? An updated meta-analysis of …
  238. Association of mental health diagnosis with race and all‐cause mortality after a cancer diagnosis: Large‐scale analysis of electronic health record data
  239. Mental health of Turkish medical students during the COVID-19 pandemic
  240. Job transitions and mental health outcomes among US adults aged 55 and older during the COVID-19 pandemic
  241.  Prevalence and associated risk factors for mental health problems among female university students during COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-sectional study …
  242. Substance use and mental health problems among graduate students: Individual and program-level correlates
  243. Mental health literacy: A systematic review of knowledge and beliefs about mental disorders in Malaysia
  244. The impact of the COVID‐19 pandemic on treatment‐seeking veterans in the United Kingdom with preexisting mental health difficulties: A longitudinal study
  245. Mental health of patients with mental illness during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown: a questionnaire-based survey weighted for attrition
  246. A descriptive study of mental health and burnout among Nigerian medical students
  247. Ultra-Processed Food Consumption and Mental Health: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Observational Studies
  248. How do urban environments affect young people’s mental health? A novel conceptual framework to bridge public health, planning, and neurourbanism
  249. College students’ sense of belonging and mental health amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
  250. Economic and social consequences of COVID-19 and mental health burden among Latinx young adults during the 2020 pandemic.
  251.  A COVID-19 Rapid Mental Health Response for Medical Center Health Care Workers
  252. Developing and implementing farm stress training to address agricultural producer mental health
  253. Mental Health Risk Factors and Coping Strategies among Students in Asia Pacific during COVID-19 Pandemic—A Scoping Review
  254.  Physical and mental health 3 months after SARS-CoV-2 infection (long COVID) among adolescents in England (CLoCk): a national matched cohort study
  255. Adapting strategies to promote implementation reach and equity (ASPIRE) in school mental health services
  256. Alterations in mental health and quality of life in patients with skin disorders: a narrative review
  257.  An integrative review of community-based mental health interventions among resettled refugees from Muslim-majority countries
  258. Associations between school-related factors and mental health among transgender and gender diverse youth
  259.  Problematic use of the internet during the COVID-19 pandemic: Good practices and mental health recommendations
  260. Phone-based outpatients’ follow-up in mental health centers during the COVID-19 quarantine
  261.  Validation of a COVID-19 mental health and wellness survey questionnaire
  262. The roles of life stress and preventive health behaviors on parent mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic
  263. Racial/ethnic disparity trends in children’s mental health care access and expenditures from 2010-2017: Disparities remain despite sweeping policy reform
  264.  Natural history of mental health competence from childhood to adolescence
  265.  Impact of housing conditions on changes in youth’s mental health following the initial national COVID-19 lockdown: A cohort study
  266. Loneliness and not living alone is what impacted on the healthcare professional’s mental health during the COVID‐19 outbreak in Spain
  267. Developing a mental health index using a machine learning approach: Assessing the impact of mobility and lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic
  268. Evening-types show highest increase of sleep and mental health problems during the COVID-19 pandemic—multinational study on 19 267 adults
  269.  Psychiatry’s role in the prevention of post-intensive care mental health impairment: stakeholder survey
  270.  Understanding the mental health impacts of poor quality private-rented housing during the UK’s first COVID-19 lockdown
  271. The transition of academic mental health clinics to telehealth during the COVID-19 pandemic
  272. Climate change, biodiversity loss and mental health: a global perspective
  273.  Mental health at work: policy brief
  274. Two Years of COVID-19 in Austria—Exploratory Longitudinal Study of Mental Health Outcomes and Coping Behaviors in the General Population
  275. HIV and mental health among young people in low-resource contexts in Southeast Asia: A qualitative investigation
  276. A general model of cognitive bias in human judgment and systematic review specific to forensic mental health.
  277.  COVID-19 and the impacts on youth mental health: Emerging evidence from longitudinal studies
  278.  Mental health over nine months during the SARS-CoV2 pandemic: Representative cross-sectional survey in twelve waves between April and December 2020 …
  279. Mental health needs of aging veterans: Recent evidence and clinical recommendations
  280. Fear of COVID-19 and its association with mental health-related factors: systematic review and meta-analysis
  281. Stressors, concerns, and mental health in the early pandemic in South Dakota.
  282. COVID-19 pandemic and maternal mental health: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  283. “I Wanted to See How Bad it Was”: Online Self-screening as a Critical Transition Point Among Young Adults with Common Mental Health Conditions
  284. From surviving to thriving: integrating mental health care into HIV, community, and family services for adolescents living with HIV
  285. Impact of guidance on intervention adherence in computerised interventions for mental health problems: a meta-analysis
  286. Substance use and mental health burden in head and neck and other cancer survivors: A National Health Interview Survey analysis
  287. Whose mental health declines during economic downturns?
  288.  The association between dietary inflammatory index, dietary antioxidant index, and mental health in adolescent girls: an analytical study
  289. Do racial differences in coping resources explain the Black–White paradox in mental health? A test of multiple mechanisms
  290.  Mental Health Professionals’ Attitudes Towards People with Severe Mental Illness: Are they Related to Professional Quality of Life?
  291. The mental health of Japanese male registered nurses
  292. Risk of mental health problems in children and youths following concussion
  293.  Chronic deficiency of diversity and pluralism in research on nature’s mental health effects: A planetary health problem
  294. Something special, something unique: perspectives of experts by experience in mental health nursing education on their contribution
  295. Family support as a protective factor for attitudes toward social distancing and in preserving positive mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic
  296.  Mental health status of informal waste workers during the COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh
  297. To disclose or not to disclose? Peer workers impact on a culture of safe disclosure for mental health professionals with lived experience.
  298. Telehealth adoption by mental health and substance use disorder treatment facilities in the COVID-19 pandemic
  299. Factors associated with mental health outcomes among health care workers in the Fangcang shelter hospital in China
  300. Farmer mental health in the US Midwest: key informant perspectives
  301. How to measure the mental health of teachers? Psychometric properties of the GHQ-12 in a large sample of german teachers
  302. A multidimensional examination of the measurement of treatment engagement: Implications for children’s mental health services and research
  303.  Analysis of E-mental health research: mapping the relationship between information technology and mental healthcare
  304. The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic and Associated Control Measures on the Mental Health of the General Population: A Systematic Review and Dose–Response …
  305. Priorities for addressing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on college student mental health
  306. Economic Precarity, Financial Strain, and Job-Related Stress Among Philadelphia’s Public Mental Health Clinicians
  307. Compassion fatigue in mental health nurses: A systematic review
  308. Mental health symptoms and association with COVID-19 vaccination receipt and intention to vaccinate among adults, United Statess
  309. Associations of PM2. 5 and road traffic noise with mental health: Evidence from UK Biobank
  310. Wellbeing and mental health among medical students in Indonesia: A descriptive study
  311.  Physical activity, mental health and wellbeing of adults within and during the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, in the United Kingdom and New Zealand
  312.  Influence of “Face-to-Face Contact” and “Non-Face-to-Face Contact” on the Subsequent Decline in Self-Rated Health and Mental Health Status of Young …
  313. Social work education and training in mental health, addictions, and suicide: A scoping review
  314.  A cross-sectional investigation of the mental health and wellbeing among individuals who have been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 international …
  315. Mental health and working conditions among French medical students: A nationwide study
  316. Which athletes are more vulnerable to mental health symptoms during the COVID-19 crisis? A cross-sectional study
  317. Prevalence and sociodemographic predictors of mental health in a representative sample of young adults from Germany, Israel, Poland, and Slovenia: a longitudinal …
  318.  Perceived changes in lifestyle behaviours and in mental health and wellbeing of elementary school children during the first COVID-19 lockdown in Canada
  319. Employment of young people with mental health conditions: making it work
  320. Income generation programs for persons with mental health challenges: Practices from 13 Indian mental health rehabilitation centers
  321. Canadian adolescents’ mental health and substance use during the COVID-19 pandemic: Associations with COVID-19 stressors.
  322. The Impact of Family Factors on Children’s Mental Health during Home Quarantine: An Empirical Study in Northwest China
  323. Mental Health and the PhD: Insights and Implications for Political Science
  324. Diet and mental health during emerging adulthood: a systematic review
  325. Promoting self-determination in parents with mental illness in adult mental health settings
  326. Personality, gender, and age resilience to the mental health effects of COVID-19
  327. The burden of mental illness and evidence-informed mental health policy development
  328.  The relationship between ambivalence towards supervisor’s behavior and employee’s mental health
  329. Resource loss and mental health during COVID‐19: Psychosocial protective factors among US older adults and those with chronic disease
  330.  Getting Connected: a Retrospective Cohort Investigation of Video-to-Home Telehealth for Mental Health Care Utilization Among Women Veterans
  331. Social determinants of mental health among Karen refugees from Burma
  332. The effectiveness of telehealth programs on the mental health of women with breast cancer: A systematic review
  333. Locus of control and the mental health effects of local area crime
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