Research Topics – Arts Education

Research Area/ Research Interest: Arts Education

Research Paper Topics for Masters and PhD Thesis and publication

  1. The Role of Influencing Factors on Brand Equity and Firm Performance with Innovation Culture as a Moderator: A Study on Art Education Firms in China
  2. Augmented Reality in Arts Education
  3. Studio Thinking 3: The Real Benefits of Visual Arts Education
  5. Construction of College Martial Arts Online Education Application Platform Based on JSP Technology
  6. ressources pour l’Histoire des Arts–Education musicale
  7. Cultural Education in the Field of Tension Between Tradition and Transformation—A Theoretical Introduction
  8. Design and implementation of computer-aided art teaching system based on virtual reality
  9. Learning in the Arts and Aesthetic Development
  10. Research on Art Design Education Based on Genetic Algorithm
  11. Design Thinking as Gateway to the Development of the 21st Century Skills of the Students of Ceramic Art Dept. at the Arts Colleges
  12. The Seoul Agenda: A Commentary
  13. Preparing Future Leaders in the Arts Through the Community Arts Engagement Certificate Program: Learning from the Introductory Seminar
  14. Arts-Based Approaches to Languages Education with Refugee-Background Learners in the Early Years: Co-Creating Spaces of Hope
  15. Arts-based Practices with Young People at the Edge
  16. Expressive arts therapy: A profession in a “wild zone”
  17. Young People: Navigating the Edge of Society Through the Arts—Creating in the Border Zones
  18. Can Portrait Drawing Foster Socio-Emotional Skills? Development and Experimental Evaluation of Evidence-Based Visual Arts Courses in the Art Museum to Foster …
  19. Family and Education
  20. Museums and Other Users in Digital Space: Pioneers, Produser and Partners in Dialogue
  21. Keep Silent or Speak Louder: An International Asian Student Using Art to Speak to the World
  23. Research on National Dance Culture Education and Teaching Based on Data Mining Algorithm
  24. Arts Therapies with Children and Adolescents
  25. Transcultural Aesthetic Practices in the Classroom: Sounds, Spaces, Bodies
  26. The History of Aesthetics and Educational Thinking
  27. From Institution to Subculture and Back: A Fieldtrip to Komm/K4/Künstlerhaus Nuremberg
  28. Perceptions of and Reflections on Aesthetic Education Training from the Perspective of Taiwanese Preschool Educators
  29. Contemporary Artists’ Work: A Critique of the Possible in STEAM Education
  30. Art and design learning journey: interactions between learners and materials
  31. Arts, Linguistics, Literature and
  32. The teaching of martial arts in physical education teacher training: a perspective from the subject-object dialectic and teaching experience
  33. Promoting Liberal Education through Introductory Psychology: The Perspective-Based Approach
  34. The Drama Space as Companion: Students’ Perspectives on Mental Health in Upper Secondary Drama Education
  35. The Transformation of Museum Exhibitions in the Era of Digital Objects
  36. Germanisches Nationalmuseum
  37. Integrated Education
  38. Environmental Sustainability: Curriculum in Art and Design Education
  39. Digital competences of future social workers: the art of education in uncertain times
  40. … on the Integration of “Specialty and Innovation and Entrepreneurship” in Art Colleges and Universities to Build a “Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation” Education …
  41. The “Villa Leon” and the Children’s Museum
  42. Racial Ambiguity, Professional Ambiguity, and Art Teaching as an Indian American
  43. Promoting art appreciation performances and behaviors in effective and joyful contexts: A two-tier test-based digital gaming approach
  44. Embedding Indigenous knowledges and voices in planetary health education
  45. The Brave New World of Tertiary Teaching: The Intricacies of an Online Blended Learning Environment
  46. Assessing the best art design based on artificial intelligence and machine learning using GTMA
  47. Critical Incidents as a Participatory Research Approach for Transformative Cultural Practices
  48. Art and Citizenship: Intercultural and Civic Soft Skills in the School Projects of the Triennial Plan of Arts
  49. Middle School English Language Arts
  50. Exploration of the Methods of Traceless Education in Professional Drawing Courses in Art Colleges
  51. Education of Integrated Science: Discussions on Importance and Teaching Approaches
  52. Nihongo Kanoukei Teaching in Japanese Language Education Study Program
  53. Developing a visual art community of practice: a participatory action research study of a museum-based partnership for art teachers in Los Angeles
  54. Sex Education: Different Ways, New Rules
  55. Teacher education and the arts: challenges, tensions, opportunities
  56. The mis-education of the Negro
  57. Impact of martial arts elements on extracurricular physical education process in secondary cycle
  58. Exploring preservice teachers’ belief changes during early childhood education teaching practicum in China: A case study
  59. Youth Experiences in Authoring Action: The Impact of an Arts-Based Youth Program on Youth Development
  60. The role of arts-based curricula in professional identity formation: results of a qualitative analysis of learner’s written reflections
  61. Art and perception: How observing and discussing art can support students’ communication education
  62. Arts management: A practical guide
  63. Aesthetics, Medium, and Method: An Introduction to the Differences and Similarities Between Arts and Non-arts Entrepreneurs
  64. Art as a Medium in Heterogeneous Learning Groups: First Findings of an Empirical Study
  65. Changing the Game for Music in Higher Education
  66. Pedagogy Toward Outcome-Based Engineering Education: The State of Art
  67. Living with liminality: Reconceptualising music careers education and research
  68. Appreciating visual arts may not foster medical diagnosis skills
  69. Introduction to Brain, Decision-Making, and Mental Health
  70. Youth and Augmented Reality
  71. Surprise and Story in Thinking and Learning and Their Absence from Mathematics Education
  72. Effects of re-warm-up protocols on the physical performance of soccer players: A systematic review with meta-analysis
  73. Adaptation of environmental and sustainability education during the COVID-19 pandemic
  74. Doing Collaborative Research on Symphonic Orchestra Audiences: Interventionist Ethnography of Music Practices
  75. Educational research, wherefore art thou
  76. Life, Death, and Humanity in Veterinary Medicine: Is it Time to Embrace the Humanities in Veterinary Education?
  77. Artificial hells: Participatory art and the politics of spectatorship
  78. Social science education students’ preparedness for problem-based hybrid learning
  79. Nord University: Teacher education in transition
  80. Interculturality and the university: The case of Jagdish Gundara and the Institute of Education Centre for Intercultural Education (UK)
  81. Social media-based data collection and analysis in educational research
  82. The Palgrave Handbook of Embodiment and Learning
  83. Henry Blackburn,’The Art of Book and Newspaper Illustration: The Illustrator of Today’: The Journal of the Society of Arts (Vol. 42), December 29, 1893, pp …
  84. Decoding art communication studies in the age of digital technology: Toward the redefining and reshaping of the medium
  85. Health education in conservatoires: what should it consist of? Findings from workshops with experts (Part II)
  86. Pesquisa educacional baseada em arte: a/r/tografia
  87. Mong education at the crossroads
  88. The link between entrepreneurship and STEM education
  89. Students Researching Inequality: Perplexities and Potentialities of Arts-Informed Research Methods for Students-as-Researchers
  90. A performative paradigm for post-qualitative inquiry
  91. Lives in education: A narrative of people and ideas
  92. Engaging students using an arts-based pedagogy: teaching and learning sociological theory through film, art, and music
  93. Creativity, Embodiment and Ensembles Through Technological Interactions in Critical-Creative Higher Education
  94. Children’s Meaning Making: Listening to Encounters with Complex Aesthetic Experience
  95. Purposeful education for Africa
  96. Artistic Cartography and Design Explorations Towards the Pluriverse
  97. Ethnography of Chinese Dance Etiquette Culture and Aesthetic Value
  98. Usage of folk crafts of Slobozhanshchyna during preschool children education
  99. Australia’s Asia Education Imperative: Trends in the Study of Asia and Pathways for the Future
  100. Can the arts cure pandemic hearts?-Cultural activity during the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences for psychological well-being
  101. Islamic Education Management and Social Change And Development In Indonesia
  102. Teaching Mathematics Education to Mathematics and Education Undergraduates
  103. Integrated and innovative STEM education: the development of a STEM education minor
  104. Analysis on the Path of Design Specialty Promoting Rural Revitalization under the Mode of School-local Cooperation
  105. Evaluating Culture and Arts from an Economic Point of View-Calculation of the cultural GDP of Kyoto Prefecture in 2015
  106. The Act of Transitions: Exploring Cultural Aptitude Through Drama for Language Development
  107. College this week
  108. Application of virtual reality technology in environmental art design
  109. Creative encounters of a posthuman kind–anthropocentric law, artificial intelligence, and art
  110. الإفادة من البولي ستيرين كوسيط تعبيري لاستحداث مشغولات فنية مستوحاة من الطبيعة Benefit from Polystyrene as an Expressive Mediator to Create Artistic Crafts …‎
  111. Непрерывное художественное образование как интегративная форма социально-культурной практики
  112. Moral Education in China: Teaching and Teachers
  113. Culturally Sensitive Research Methods for Educational Administration and Leadership
  114. Active Methodologies in Higher Education: An Interdisciplinary Project Applied to Teachers’ Education
  115. Rethinking Education Theft Through the Lens of Intellectual Property and Human Rights
  116. The history of medical education: an international symposium held February 5–9, 1968
  117. The balanced scorecard in the education sector: A literature review
  118. Construction of Practical Teaching System of College Broadcasting and Hosting Art Under the Concept of OBE
  119. Rhetoric and the Stases: A Universal Critical Thinking Problem-Solving Framework for the Sciences and Arts
  120. Critical Thinking Practice in Moroccan Higher Education: An Evaluation
  121. Design of Blended Teaching Model of Public English for Medical Students Based on In-depth Learning
  122. (In) equity by Design: Systems Change to Transform Medical Education and Practice
  123. Evaluation of Students-Instructor Relationship in Nursing Education at the University of Baghdad, Iraq
  124. Canadian medical student perspectives on ophthalmology education: a needs assessment
  125. Progress testing: An educational perspective exploring the rationale for progress testing and its introduction into a Diagnostic Radiography curriculum
  126. Evaluating the knowledge acquisition of lower limb anatomy among medical students during the post‐acute COVID‐19 era
  127. How students discern anatomical structures using digital three‐dimensional visualizations in anatomy education
  128. Celebrating the first centenary of the British Journal of Anaesthesia: a century of discovery and dissemination
  129. ChatGPT is fun, but not an author
  130. Medical students’ perception of the application of a virtual reality training model to acquire vaginal examination skills
  131. Exploring internal medicine interns’ educational experiences on opioid addiction: A narrative analysis
  133. Toward Sustainable Teaching: Staff Perceptions of the Delivery of a Rural Medical Program during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  134. A senior family doctor supporting the health team in times of COVID-19
  135. Teaching clinical skills mastery using immersive simulation
  136. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on anaesthesia specialty training: a single-centre quantitative analysis
  137. Poor Online Patient Ratings of Otolaryngologists in the United States: What are Patients Saying?
  138. International virtual elective pilots: The evaluation suggests feasible options
  139. Challenges and Opportunities for Education Systems with the Current Movement toward Digitalization at the Time of COVID-19
  140. Gender-Based Discrimination Among Medical Students: A Cross-Sectional Study in Brazil
  141. Evaluation of the effectiveness of general practitioner job-transfer training by different types of trainees in Hebei Province
  142. Dermatology Life Quality Index and Work Limitation among Psoriasis Patients
  143. Imaging Features of Acute Pancreatitis and the Revised Atlanta Classification System
  144. The Impact of Introducing a Curriculum in Social Emergency Medicine (SEM) at a Private Tertiary Care Center in Karachi, Pakistan.
  145. Education without walls: Using a street medicine program to provide real-world interprofessional learning
  146. Assessment of Burnout Status Among Medical Students of Nepal: A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Survey
  147. Rare Intra-Aortic Migration of Temporary Epicardial Pacing Wire
  148. Using extended reality (XR) for medical training and real-time clinical support during deep space missions
  149. Assessing Social Circumstances in Primary Care: Expert Consensus via Delphi Technique
  150. An Evaluation of the 2020 Change to the Saudi Emergency Residency Program Assessment
  151. Perspective: Acknowledging a Hierarchy of Social Needs in Diabetes Clinical Care and Prevention
  152. A Study of Arizona Physician Relocation Patterns by Rurality and Primary Care Status
  153. Effect of Climate Change on Health and Critical Care Nurses Practice
  154. 1st Colloquium on bioinformatics learning, education and training abstract book
  155. Cleidocranial dysplasia
  156. Creation and evaluation of a Serious Game as a pedagogical tool for a better chest pain management among 220 Moroccan medical studentss
  157. Selection tools and student diversity in health professions education: a multi-site study
  158. ABSITE preparation: what do we know?
  159. Bearer of bad news
  160. “If you can’t be a whole person, it’s hard to be a good doctor.” An Interview with Duke OB/GYN Residency Director Dr. Beverly Gray
  161. Satisfaction of Polish pharmacists with completed training in the field of qualification and vaccination against COVID-19
  162. Auraicept na nÉces and the Art of Medicine
  163. 3d printer uses in veterinary medicine: a review
  164. Medical Students’ Perception about the Impact of Teachers’ Attitude on their Academic Performance and Character Building.
  165. Is there a role for entrepreneurship education in veterinary medicine? A UK study
  166. Learners’ adjustment strategies following impasses in simulations-Effects of prior knowledge
  167. Frugal digitization of analog video endoscopic medical records in a Kenyan rural medical center
  169. Are Medical Support Staff Provided with Sufficient Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training?
  170. Physician beliefs about contraceptive methods as abortifacients
  171. Investigation on Gender Differences in Leadership of Stroke-Related Clinical Trials
  172. Comment on Aaseth et al. Circulating Lipoproteins in Subjects with Morbid Obesity Undergoing Bariatric Surgery with Gastric Bypass or Sleeve Gastrectomy …
  173. Self-Study Results of Genetics Module Based on Learning Management System Among Medical Students of Universitas Riau
  174. ChatGPT: Bullshit spewer or the end of traditional assessments in higher education?
  176. Quality of Life in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Influence of Personality Traits and Disease Related Variables. An Egyptian Study
  177. National improvements in resident physician-reported patient safety after limiting first-year resident physicians’ extended duration work shifts: a pooled …
  178. The impact of the hidden curriculum on learning experience
  179. Managing Medical and Obstetric Emergencies and Trauma: A Practical Approach
  180. Queer theory and biomedical practice: The biomedicalization of sexuality/the cultural politics of biomedicine
  181. Comparative analysis of education environment perception of 1st and 2nd year MBBS students of medical college using Dundee ready education environment …
  182. Improvement of Sepsis Management through Nursing Education on Medical-Surgical Floors
  183. Increasing awareness of radiation hazard and radiation protection among medical staff
  184. RE: It’s Not You It’s Me
  185. Examining the knowledge work of person-centred care: Towards epistemic reciprocity
  186. Development of a rating scale to assess robotic surgery curriculum using Kern’s six-step approach to curricular design
  188. Corneal laser refractive surgery curriculum development in the military: using the nominal group technique
  189. Comparison between Torsemide Infusion Versus Intermittent Boluses and Their Impact-On Thoracic Fluid Content in Acute Decompensated Heart Failure Critically Ill …
  190. Attitude toward end-of-life care in emergency medicine residents-can a short workshop make a difference?
  191. Use of an open-source electronic health record to establish a “virtual hospital”: A tale of two curricula
  192. The formation of physician altruism
  193. Pre and Post COVID-19: Qualifications of Medical Students who Matched into Dermatology
  194. Better Late Than Never–Painting the Big Picture for Learners in Family Medicine
  195. A scoping review of nursing education for firearm safety
  196. Education Research: Predictors of Resident Physician Comfort With Individuals With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: A Cross-sectional Study
  197. Physician perspectives of abortion advocacy: findings from a mixed-methods study
  198. Presentation design and delivery to improve knowledge translation in a remote world
  199. Take on transplant: human-centered design of a patient education tool to facilitate informed discussions about lung transplant among people with cystic fibrosis
  200. … for Ending Human Immunodeficiency Virus as an Epidemic in the United States: A Policy Paper of the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the HIV Medical …
  201. Causes of Inappropriate Laboratory Test Ordering from the Perspective of Medical Laboratory Technical Professionals: Implications for Research and Education
  202. Knowledge of Genome Sequencing and Trust in Medical Researchers Among Patients of Different Racial and Ethnic Groups With Idiopathic Dilated Cardiomyopathy
  203. Top 5 Tips for Preparing Ophthalmology Residency and Fellowship Applicants
  204. Simulation training in medicine
  205. Association Between Preresidency Peer-reviewed Publications and Future Academic Productivity or Career Choice Among Ophthalmology Residency Applicants
  206. Evidence-based medicine needs patient and public involvement to remain relevant: A proposal for a new curriculum
  207. PEDIATRICS, We Salute You!
  208. Postgraduate Surgical Education in East, Central, and Southern Africa: A Needs Assessment Survey
  209. Epidemiological Study on Toxoplasmosis in Cat, Healthy and Contact Human in Al-Anbar Governorate
  210. Could Peripheral Eosinopenia be Used as a Prognostic Biomarker for Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria?
  211. Detection of Main Barriers for Adverse Drug Reactions Reporting in The Middle East Countries
  212. Exploring the opportunities and challenges to implementing interprofessional education in Saudi Arabia: a qualitative study among faculty
  213. Assessing patient-level knowledge of precision medicine in a community health center setting
  214. Opinion and Special Article: The Need for Specialized Training in Women’s Neurology
  215. Human monkeypox and preparedness of Bangladesh: A knowledge and attitude assessment study among medical doctors
  216. Hysteroscopy in the Evaluation of Recurrent First Trimesteric Miscarriages
  217. Intravenous Regional Anesthesia: The Old and Recent Techniques? Review Article
  218. Azathioprine Hypersenitivity: a Sweet-like Syndrome
  219. The World Organization of Family Doctors Air Health Train the Trainer Program: lessons learned and implications for planetary health education
  220. The Role of Chest Ultrasound Combined with Plasma Brain Natriuretic Peptide in The Differentiation between Cardiogenic and Noncardiogenic Pulmonary Edema
  221. Remember Kounis in the Emergency Department: A Case Report
  222. Results of Using Modular Mega Prosthesis after Proximal Femoral Tumor Resection
  223. Study on The Bioactive Components of Atriplex halimus L. and Evaluation of Their Anticancer Effect on Liver Cancer Cells
  224. Direct and indirect medical costs of bladder cancer in Iran
  225. Clinical considerations in pediatric cases of monkeypox
  226. Medical students’ perception of resilience and of an innovative curriculum-based resilience skills building course: a participant-focused qualitative analysis
  227. The Mediating Role of Sleep Quality in the Relationship between Negative Emotional States and Health-Related Quality of Life among Italian Medical …
  228. Graded Sensorimotor Retraining and Pain Intensity in Chronic Low Back Pain—Reply
  229. Linking oral microbial proteolysis to aMMP‐8 PoC diagnostics along with the stage and grade of periodontitis: A cross‐sectional study
  230. The Use of Alpha-Lipoic Acid Supplementation in Diabetes: The Available Evidence
  231. Silent Brain Changes in Children with Sickle Cell Disease
  232. Evaluation of the National Institutes of Health–Supported Relative Citation Ratio Among Fellowship-Trained American Orthopaedic Joint Reconstruction Surgery …
  233. Adaptive leadership during challenging times: Effective strategies for health professions educators: AMEE Guide No. 148
  234. The importance of developing meaningfulness and manageability for resilience in rural doctors
  235. The Empirical Study of Pandemic and War Influence on the University Students’ Education
  236. Author response: Eponyms are here to stay: Usage in the literature and among current neurology trainees
  237. Protective Effects of Alfa Lipoic Acid on Amiodarone Induced Hypothyroidism in Adult Male Albino Rats (A Biochemical, Histopathological and Immunohistochemical …
  238. Impact of Titanium Tetra Flouride Material and 810nm Diode Laser on Demineralized Human Enamel (In Vitro Study)
  239. Early Outcome of Minimally Invasive Versus Conventional Mitral Valve Replacement Surgery
  240. The Role of Some Organic Acids in The Eradication of Antibiotics Resistance of E. Coli Isolated from Urinary Tract Infections
  241. How We Got Here: The Legacy of Anti-Black Discrimination in Radiology
  242. Diversity, equity, and inclusion: a decade of progress?
  243. FDA Warns of Risks of Body Sculpting
  244. Human Leucocyte Antigen A Alleles in The Prediction of Post-Kidney Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disorders, A Single-Center Study
  245. Evaluation of serum bilirubin and its role as an antioxidant in coronary artery disease
  246. Experiential Learning of Interdisciplinary Care Skills in Surgery Assessed From Student Reflections
  247. Virtual Reality in education: Attempting an epistemic justification
  249. So You Want to be a Program Director? Career Paths of Colon and Rectal Surgery Residency Program Directors
  250. Flipped classroom supported by music combined with deep learning applied in physical education
  251. The Philips Respironics Recall of Ventilators and Positive Airway Pressure Machines—Breakdowns in Medical Device Surveillance
  252. Open Surgical Excision of Intracranial Arachnoid Cysts after Initial Procedure Failure in Children
  253. Implementation of Anesthesia Ethics to Improve Medical Professionalism
  254. GO-ing for Gold: Global Perspectives on Creating a Gold Standard for Global Ophthalmology (GO) Education
  255. Psychosis in a patient with tuberous sclerosis: A rare entity
  256. Evaluation of the quality of education services of Payam Noor University of Hamedan Based on the SERVQUAL Model
  257. Obesity and endometrial cancer: the role insulin resistance and adipokines
  258. Maintaining informatics training learning outcomes with a COVID-19 era shift to a fully online flipped course
  259. Artificial intelligence ChatGPT in medicine. Can it be the friend you are looking for?
  260. Medical Entrepreneurship: Conceptualization, Perspectives, Scope, Dynamics, and Implications
  261. The Philips Respironics Recall of Ventilators and Positive Airway Pressure Machines—Breakdowns in Medical Device Surveillance
  262. Open Surgical Excision of Intracranial Arachnoid Cysts after Initial Procedure Failure in Children
  263. Implementation of Anesthesia Ethics to Improve Medical Professionalism
  264. GO-ing for Gold: Global Perspectives on Creating a Gold Standard for Global Ophthalmology (GO) Education
  265. Psychosis in a patient with tuberous sclerosis: A rare entity
  266. Evaluation of the quality of education services of Payam Noor University of Hamedan Based on the SERVQUAL Model
  267. Obesity and endometrial cancer: the role insulin resistance and adipokines
  268. Maintaining informatics training learning outcomes with a COVID-19 era shift to a fully online flipped course
  269. Artificial intelligence ChatGPT in medicine. Can it be the friend you are looking for?
  270. Medical Entrepreneurship: Conceptualization, Perspectives, Scope, Dynamics, and Implications
  271. The Philips Respironics Recall of Ventilators and Positive Airway Pressure Machines—Breakdowns in Medical Device Surveillance
  272. Open Surgical Excision of Intracranial Arachnoid Cysts after Initial Procedure Failure in Children
  273. Implementation of Anesthesia Ethics to Improve Medical Professionalism
  274. GO-ing for Gold: Global Perspectives on Creating a Gold Standard for Global Ophthalmology (GO) Education
  275. Psychosis in a patient with tuberous sclerosis: A rare entity
  276. Evaluation of the quality of education services of Payam Noor University of Hamedan Based on the SERVQUAL Model
  277. Obesity and endometrial cancer: the role insulin resistance and adipokines
  278. Maintaining informatics training learning outcomes with a COVID-19 era shift to a fully online flipped course
  279. Artificial intelligence ChatGPT in medicine. Can it be the friend you are looking for?
  280. Medical Entrepreneurship: Conceptualization, Perspectives, Scope, Dynamics, and Implications
  281. … -based intervention for academic stress management and school adjustment among industrial technical education students: Implications for educational …
  282. Mohs micrographic surgery and dermatopathology concordance: an analysis of 1421 Mohs cases over 17 years
  283. Challenges and recommendations to increasing the use of exome sequencing and whole genome sequencing for diagnosing rare diseases in Brazil: an …
  284. Urgent need for next-generation COVID-19 vaccines
  285. Psychological Resilience and Coping Strategies with Anxiety among Malaysian Medical Students during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  286. Ensuring Clarity and Understandability of the FDA’s Breast Density Notifications
  287. Pathophysiology of pulmonary and myocardial edema in preeclampsia
  288. Menstrual Cycle Disturbances in the Reproductive Period
  289. Making Measuring Bodies
  290. Identification of histological threshold concepts in health sciences curricula: Students’ perception
  291. Primary Prevention Management of Elevated Lipoprotein (a)
  292. Minimizing costs for dorsal wrist ganglion treatment: A cost-minimization analysis
  293. Depression, Anxiety, and Quality of Life in Patients Treated with Single Infusion Tocilizumab for COVID-19: A Follow-up, Controlled Study
  294. Childbirth education during the pandemic
  295. Hunter H McGuire–Ignominious Legacy of a Confederate Surgeon
  296. Simulation-based learning: Is it time for a paradigm shift in training postgraduates for crisis resource management? prospective interventional study
  297. A young boy with severe pulmonary-renal syndrome: Will you suspect IgA nephropathy?
  298. Evaluating the feasibility of ChatGPT in healthcare: an analysis of multiple clinical and research scenarios
  299. Pharmacy students’ experience of technology-enhanced learning during the COVID-19 pandemic
  300. The HoloLens in medicine: A systematic review and taxonomy