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Multiple Choice Questions Of Geography

Multiple Choice Questions Of Geography

1. Cumulus clouds are thick that develop to great_____?
A. Distance
B. Depth
C. Length
D. Height
Answer: D

2. The_____parts of Antarctic are best sources of Air masses?
A. Northern
B. Eastern
C. Western
D. Southern
Answer: A

3. The line at which “front” meets the surface of the earth is called a surface_____?
A. Back
B. Front
C. Mid
D. None of these
Answer: B

4. There are three types of humidity: Relative humidity, specific humidity and_____?
A. Variable humidity
B. Special humidity
C. Absolute humidity
D. Constant humidity
Answer: C

5. When the air masses move to the other areas, they are_____by their trajectories?
A. Influenced
B. Diverted
C. Reduced
D. Averted
Answer: A

6. When air move then the fronts are often_____in space?
A. Curved
B. Wavy
C. Slant ring
D. Zigzag
Answer: D

7. In evaporation process substance changes from_____to vapour state?
A. Gas
B. Liquid
C. Solid
D. Snow
Answer: B

8. The trajectory temperature brings common change in the_____of air masses?
A. Advantages
B. Benefits
C. Characteristics
D. Merits
Answer; C

9. The birth and growth process in front is known as_____?
A. Microgenesis
B. Centrogenesis
C. Microgenesis
D. Frontogenesis
Answer: D

10: In the Condensation process the substance changes from the vapor to the_____state?

A. Solid
B. Gase
C. Liquid
D. Snow
Answer: C


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