List of Important C++ / C Programs – Homepage

List of Important C++ / C Programs – Homepage

Here, we are giving the references of some important C++ and C programs.

1Bil Calculations
2Display English alphabets
3Check Characters
4Length of a number
5The square root of a number
6Length of a string
7Even Odd number
7Positive Negative number
8Replacement of strings and numbers
9Factorial of a number
10Total number of digits
11Fibonacci Series
12Cube of a number
14ASCII Values
15Sum of all digits for a number
16Sum of array elements
17Sum of number of series
18Celsius to Fahrenheit
19The greatest number among 3 numbers
20Deleted selected array elements
21Area of rectangle
22Concatenation of strings
23Number of vowels, digits, consonants and white spaces in the string
24Insert an element in the array at specific position 
25Print stars in a sequence
26Decimal to binary conversion
27Greatest common division
29The reverse of a number
30Armstrong Number
31Print numbers in a pattern
32Addition of matrix
33Linear Search
34Delete values from the array
35Binary Search
36To find the Highest and Lowest values of a matrix
37Selection Sort
38Insertion Sort
39Union of two sorted arrays
40Union of two unsorted arrays
41Shell Sort
42Store Information in Structure and Display
43To check Time Difference
44Addition of two complex numbers
45Addition of two distances using the structure
46Sort Elements in the Lexicographical order
47Prefix and postfix increment and decrement
48All arithmetic Operations
49ASCII code 
50Find Quotient and Remainder
52Solve expression
53Convert hours into minutes and seconds
54Find the time, distance and speed
55the simple compound assignment
56Compound Operations Program
57Show personal details
58Pattern printing
59Find Maximum value
60Program to print stars (steric) in a pattern
613 Level Nested for loop in C++
62Nested For Loop including 3 loops

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