Python Exercises and Solution [Lab Manual and Programs]

List of Python Programs

  1. Arithmetical operations in Python 
  2. Area of a triangle in Python
  3. Swap two numbers in Python
  4. Convert Kilometres to Miles in Python
  5. Random Numbers in Python
  6. Quadratic equation in Python
  7. Converting the temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit in Python
  8. Write a Program in Python to check if a Number is Positive, Negative, or Zero
  9. Even Odd Number in Python
  10. Leap Year in Python
  11. Calendar program in Python
  12. Prime Number in Python
  13. Multiplication Table in Python
  14. Fibonacci Series in Python
  15. Armstrong number in Python
  16. Factorial of a Number in Python
  17. Sum of Natural Numbers in Python


  1. How to convert binary to decimal in Python
  2. LCM of two numbers in Python
  3. HCF program in Python
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