Syllabus MCQs of EST English FDE – Federal Directorate of Education

Syllabus of  EST English for Elementary School Teacher (EST) in Federal Directorate of Education, Islamabad Pakistan.

Following MCQs, will help you to pass your recent test of EST in the Federal Directorate of Education.

Who will conduct the test for EST in the Federal Directorate of Education(FDE)?

  • In 2021, HEC conduct the test for EST in FDE
  • In 2018, OTS conduct the test for EST in FDE

HEC Syllabus in 2021

Topics Total 100 MCQ’s
Verbal Reasoning 30 MCQ’s
Analytical Reasoning 20 MCQ’s
Phonetics and Phonology 05 MCQ’s
Morphology 02 MCQ’s
Syntax 05 MCQ’s
Semantics and Pragmatics 04 MCQ’s
Discourse 04 MCQ’s
Sociolinguistics 05 MCQ’s
Literary Terms 05 MCQ’s
Literary Devices 04 MCQ’s
Poetry/ Poets 04 MCQ’s
Drama/Dramatists 04 MCQ’s
Novel/Novelists 04 MCQ’s
Prose/Prose-writers 04 MCQ’s

OTS Syllabus in 2018

In 2018, OTS conduct the test with the following test pattern.

English: 20%
General Knowledge: 20%
Islamic Studies: 20%
Pakistan Studies: 20%
Subject Relevant to Job: 20%

in 2021, this paper will be conducted by ETC HEC.

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