Pakistan Studies MCQs

Pakistan Studies MCQs is the set of important and repeated MCQs asked in many admission test, job test and in many public service commission test.

What was the official tongue announce in 1956 constitution?

(A). Urdu
(B). Hindi
(C). Bengali
(D). Both a & c

Answer ; Both a & c

(2). When did Quid-e-Azam grasp oath as first Governor General of Pakistan;

A 15th Aug 1947

B 14th Aug 1947

C 16th Aug 1947

D 17th Aug 1947

What is the minimum quantity fastened that an overseas Pakistani have to invest for registeration of Pakistan Banao Scheme?

(A).USD 10,000
(B) .USD 15,000
(C) .USD 5,000
(D).USD 50,000

Answer : USD 5,000

The contemporary National Assembly is ______ in the country’s history.
(C) 15th

Answer : 15th

What is name of New franchise that joined PSL-3 for the first time was ………

(A).Quetta gladiators
(B).KArachi Kings
(C).Lahore Qalandar
(D).Multan Sultan

Answer : Multan Sultan

Which party’s government was the first democratically return government, who finished it’s five years 0ccupancy?


Answer PPP

India has erect Baglihar Dam on the __________ river?


Answer Chenab

According to inside Ministry Sept-2018 report, How many Pakistanis are imprison overseas?

(A) .10500

Answer 11803

Known as the most titled man in the history, benefactor Abdul Sattar Edhi proceed away in Karachi on___________?

(A).July 9th, 2016
(B).June 9th, 2016
(C).August 5th, 2016
(D) .July 8th, 2016

Answer July 8th, 2016

Which rural assembly has passed a intention seeking one month delay in the elections on 30th May 2018?

(A).Sindh assembly
(B).Punjab assembly
(C) .Balochistan assembly
(D).KPK assembly

Answer Balochistan assembly

. Who seclect the name of Pakistan?
(A). Quaid-e-Azam
(B). Allama Iqbal
(C). Chaudry Rehmat Ali
(D). Hafiz Jalandhri

Answer Chaudry Rehmat Ali

What is the name of Pakistani Prime Minister received Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee when he come by bus to Lahore?

(A).Shaukat Aziz
(B).Benzair Bhutto
(C).Shujat Hussain
(D) .Nawaz Sharif

Answer Nawaz Sharif

Supreme court has command to freeze bank accounts of which police officer?

(A).AD khowaja
(B).Muhafiz hussain
(C) .Rao anwar
(D).Rizwan khan

Answer Rao anwar

Answer A

(3). Who set off first Prime Minister of Pakistan;

A Ghulam Mohammad

B Khwaja Nazimuddin

C Mohammad Ali Bogra

D Liaquat Ali Khan

Answer D

(4). Accumulatively how many Governor Generals govern over Pakistan ;’

A 02

B 03

C 05

D 04

Answer D

What is the name of first President of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan?

(A). Liaquat Ali Khan
(B). Sardar Abdur Rab Nishtar
(C). Moulvi Tameez-ud-Din
(D). Quaid-e-Azam

Answer; Quaid-e-Azam

After how many years Pakistan got its first charter?

(A). 9 years
(B). 7 years
(C). 5 years
(D). 11 years

Answer ;9 years

What charter was firstly drafted to provide step to constitution manufacture procedure?

(A). Objective Resolution
(B). Pakistan Act

(C). Independence Act
(D). Representative Act

Answer ; Objective Resolution

Select the year when Constituent Assembly passed the Objective Resolution;

(A). 12th March 1949
(B). 14th February 1949
(C). 9th June 1949
(D). 15th August 1949

Answer ; 12th March 1949

Select the year when Mohammad Ali Bogra give Bogra Formula in the assembly;

(A). January 1953
(B). April 1953
(C). October 1953
(D). September 1953

Answer ; October 1953

Who was Mohammad Ali Bogra?

(A). Foreign Minister
(B). Prime Minister
(C). Law Minister
(D). Parliament Minister

Answer ; Prime Minister

What is the second name of Mohammad Ali Bogra Formula?

(A). Constitutional Formula
(B). Pakistan Report
(C). Third Report
(D). New Law of Pakistan

Answer ; Constitutional Formula

Select the year When first constitution of Pakistan was impose;

(A). 8th June 1956
(B). 25th December 1956
(C). 14th August 1956
(D). 23rd March 1956

Answer ; 23rd March 1956

What is the name of Prime Minister of Pakistan during imposition of first constitution?

(A). Choudhry Mohammad Ali
(B). Khwaja Nazim Uddin
(C). Mohammad Ali Bogra
(D). Ibrahim Ismail Chundrigar

Answer ;Choudhry Mohammad Ali

What official name was specified to Pakistan in 1956 constitution?

(A). Islamic Republic of Pakistan
(B). Republic of Pakistan
(C). Islamic Pakistan
(D). United States of Pakistan

Answer ; Islamic Republic of Pakistan

What age was order for President in 1956 constitution?

(A). 55 years
(B). 45 years
(C). 50 years
(D). 40 years

Answer ; 40 years

In respect of religion what phrase was set for President and Prime Minister in 1956 constitution?

(A). He must be a Muslim
(B). He must not be Hindu
(C). He must not be Christian
(D). He may be a Muslim

Answer ; He must be a Muslim
Prime Minister Imran Khan accept a allow of Rs_____ Billion for Kamyab Jawan National Youth Development Programme?

(A).1 Billion
(B).10 Billion
(C) .100 Billion
(D).None of These

Answer 100 Billion

Mangla Dam in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, is located on ____ river

(A) .Jhelum

Answer Jhelum

Select the name of who repudiated in 1956 constitution?

(A). Iskander Mirza
(B). Tikka Khan
(C). Ayub Khan
(D). Yahya Khan

Answer ; Iskander Mirza

When the first constitution wasrepudiated and Martial Law was demonstrate?

(A). May 1958
(B). October 1958
(C) June 1958
(D). December 1958

Answer ; October 1958

Select the year When Ayub Khan imposed new constitution in Pakistan;

(A). 8th June 1962
(B). 6th February 1962
(C). 13th March 1962
(D). 9th January 1962

Answer ; 8th June 1962

Which type of structured was launched by Government in 1962 constitution?

(A). Autonomous
(B). Confederate
(C). Bicameral
(D). Presidential

Answer ;Presidential

Select the year When the constitution of 1962 was revoke;

(A). 14th April 1969
(B). 29th March 1969
(C). 4th April 1969
(D). 26th March 1969

Answer ;26th March 1969

(5). When did Pakistan enhance part of United Nations’

A 30th Sep 1947

B 30th Aug 1947

C 15th Sep 1947

D 15th Aug 1947
See Answerx

Answer A

(6). Which country is against Pakistan’s membership in United Nations

A India

B Afghanistan

C Russia

D Malaysia

Answer B

(7). what is the name of last Governor General of Pakistan?

A Quaid-e-Azam

B Iskander Mirza

C Ghulam Mohammad

D Khwaja Nazinuddin

Answer B


(8). Which country was reward an formal overtakee by the first Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1950′


B Iran

C Saudi Arab

D China

Answer A

(9). select a country which accepted Pakistan first;

A Iraq

B Iran

C Indonesia

D India

Answer B

46 which agreement was signed between India and Pakistan After war of 1971;

A Calcutta Pact

B Lucknow Pact

C Bombay Pact

D Simla Pac

Answer D

47 Select the date When the Simla Accord was signed;

A January, 1972

B March, 1972

c July, 1972

D October, 1972

Answer C

(10). When Liaquat Ali Khan was murder

A 19th Oct 1951

B 17th Oct 1951

C 18th Oct 1951

D 16th Oct 1951

Answer D

11 What is the name of second Prime Minister of Pakistan?

A Khawaja Nazimuddin

B Choudhry Mohammad Ali

C Mohammad Ali Bogra

D Malik Feroz Khan Noon

Answer A

12 Select the death date of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah;

A 14th Sep 1948

B 12th Sep 1948

C 13th Sep 1948

D 11th Sep 1948

Answer D

13 What is the name of second Governor General of Pakistan;

A Malik Ghulam Mohammad

B Khawaja Nazimuddin

C General Ayoub Khan

D Iskander Mirza

Answer B
What was the name of person Who abrogated 1962 constitution and became CMLA?

(A). Gen Yahya Khan
(B). Gen. Ahsan Khan
(C). Gen. Mansoor Khan
(D). Gen. Tikka Khan

Answer ; Gen Yahya Khan

Select the yea When Mr. Z.A. Bhutto introduced a new constitution in the country?

(A). 11th August 1973
(B). 21st August 1973
(C). 17th August 1973
(D). 14th August 1973

Answer ;14th August 1973

14 For how much rupees Ranjit Singh put in sale the Kashmir?

A 75 Lacs

B 80 Lacs

C 70 Lacs

D 65 Lacs

Answer A

15 When India as lament party emerge before the Security Council;

A January, 1948

B April, 1948

C March, 1948

D February, 1948

Answer B

16 Which cerebration of canals annoying Pakistani regions were illegal given to India;

A Madhopur

B Ferozpur

C None of them

D Both of them

Answer D

17 When India discontinuation Pakistans water supply without notice;

A March, 1948

B July, 1948

C June, 1948

D April, 1948

Answer D

18 Select the year 0fficial agreement of water was inscribe between India and Pakistan;

A 1962

B 1961

C 1960

D 1963

Answer C

19 Under whose ptotective water treaty was signed;


B World Bank


D Commonwealth

Answer B


20 What is the name of water treaty signed between India and Pakistan?

A Indo-Pak Water Treaty

B Rivers and Canals Treaty

C Treaty of Water

D Indus Basin Treaty

Answer D
(1); When Lucknow pact proceed;

A 1916

B 1906

C 1924

D 1946

Answer A

21 Select the name of pact which inscribe India by Mr. Liaquat Ali Khan;

A Peace and Security Pact

B Liaquat Gandhi Pact

C Liaquat Nehru Pact

D Friendship Pact

Answer C

22 India made craven attack on Lahore which ensue as war between two countries. When this war blazed up’

A 6th Sep 1965

B 7th Sep 1965

C 9th Sep 1965

D 4th Sep 1965

Answer A

23 which pact was signed between India and Pakistan After the war of 1965;

A Bilateral Pact

B Moscow Pact

C Tashkent Pact

D Soviet Pact

Answer C

24 Who called upon Indian and Pakistani leaders to sign the agreement;

A Khrushchev

B Henry Kosygin

C Alexie

D Gorbachev

Answer B

25 From India who take part the Tashkent announcement;

A Ms. Indra Gandhi

B Mr. Murarji Desai

C Mr. Lal Bahadur Shastri

D Mr. Sanjay Gandhi

Answer C

26 What is the name of pakistani who take part in Tashkent Meeting;

A Gen. Yahya Khan

B Gen. Ayub Khan

C Mr. Z.A Bhutto

D Gen. Iskander Mirza

Answer B

27 Select the date in which Tashkent Agreement was signed;

A February, 1966

B January, 1966

C August, 1966

D September, 1966

Answer B

28 What is the name of foreign minister of pakistan Who take part in Tashkent Pact;

A Mr. Hussain Shaheed

B Mr. Z.A Bhutto

C Mr. Malik Feroz Khan

D Mr. I.IChundrigar

Answer B

29 Which political party was accepted by Mr. Z.A Bhutto’

A United Peoples Party

B Sindh Peoples Party

C West Pakistan Party

D Pakistan Peoples Party

Answer D

30 Select the date When PPP was accepted;

A October, 1967

B December, 1967

C November, 1967

D August, 1967


31 What was jingle of PPP?

A Sabse Pehle Pakistan

B Qarz utaro Mulk Sanwaro

C Roti, Kapra or Makan

D Democracy is the best revenge

Answer C

32 Select the date When Gen. Ayub Khangofrom his President ship;

A 20th March 1969

B 25th March 1969

C 23rd March 1969

D 29th March 1969

Answer B

33 What is the name of President of Pakistan who became after Ayub Khan?

A Mr. Fazl Elahi Choudhary

B Justice Rafique Tarar

C Gen. Yahya Khan

D Mr.zia Bhutto

Answer C

34 In which year Gen. Yahya clasp General Elections in the country;

A 1971

B 1970

C 1972

D 1973

Answer B

35 In Elections who fix victory in East Pakistan


B Awami League

C Muslim League

D Jamat-e-Islami

Answer B


36 In West Pakistan who had the driving seat after Elections

A Muslim League

B Awami League


D Tehreek-e-Istakalal

Answer C

37 Which proceeding took place in 1971 which provided India chance to attack on Pakistan

A Attack on Indian parliament

B Skirmishes on Border

C Indian drama of hijacking their own plane

D All of them

Answer C

38 What was the name of Indian plane that was appropriate

A Jamna

B Ganga

C Bangla

D Lanka

Answer B

39 When India float war against Pakistan

A 15th November 1971

B 17th November 1971

C 21st November 1971

D 19th November 1971


Answer C


40 Which motion of East Pakistan also hold up India in war of 1971

A Bangla Movement

B Bangali Movement

C Azadi Movement

D Mukti Bahini

Answer D


41 Select the date When East Pakistan isolate from West Pakistan;

A 26th December 1971

B 22nd December 1971

C 16th December 1971

D 19th December 1971

Answer C

43 Who became President of Pakistan after Yahya Khan

A Mr. Z.A Bhutto

B Mr. Ghulam Ishaque Khan

C Mr. Wasim Sajjad

D Mr. Farooque Ahmed Khan Leghari

Answer A


44 Select the date of When Mr. Z.A Bhutto became the Prime Minister of Pakistan;

A 23rd March 1973

B 6th September 1973

C 14th August 1973

D 25th December 1973


Answer C

45 What was the first step taken by Mr. Z.A Bhutto for Economic Development;

A Economic Pacts

B Aid Agreements with World

C Linking of Rupee with Dollar

D Nationalization of Industries

Answer D

48 When 2nd Islamic Summit Conference was clasp;

A December, 1974

B August, 1974

C February, 1974

D April, 1974

Answer C

49 Select city of Pakistan which 2nd Islamic Summit Conference was held;

A Karachi

B Islamabad

C Peshawar

D Lahore

Answer D

50 How many numbers of Islamic countries take part in the 2nd Islamic Summit Conference?

A 45

B 40

C 50

D 55

Answer B

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