Mountains and Rivers MCQs

Mountains and Rivers MCQs is the set of repeated MCQs and these MCQs are frequently asked in the test of general knowledge for jobs and public and civil service commission.

The origin of the Yellow River is ____.

(a) Mountains of Tannu-Ola
(b) Kunlun Mountains
(c) Hasca Lake
(d) Lake Ontario

Answer: Kunlun Mountains

Select the longest river of the world is;
(a) Ob
(b) Purus
(c) Volga
(d) Nile

Answer: Nile
Select the length of the Amazon River is;
(a) 7111 km
(b) 5910 km
(c) 6400 km
(d) 8110 km

Answer:6400 km

Select the outflowing of Yangtze River is ;

(a) Gulf of St. Lawrence
(b) China Sea
(c) Amazon River
(d) Ob River

Answer:China Sea

Select the origin of Volga River is;

(a) Valdai Hills
(b) Himalayas
(c) Altai Mountains
(d) Andes

Answer:Valdai Hills

Select the estimated length of Indus River is;

(a) 4001 km
(b) 3010 km
(c) 2897 km
(d) 2910 km

Answer: 2897 km

Select the origin of Indus River is;

(a) Himalayas
(b) Altai Mountains
(c) Black forest
(d) Kunlun Mountains

Answer: Himalayas
Select the outflowing of Indus River is;

(a) Arabian Sea
(b) Shatt-al-Arab
(c) Black Sea
(d) Atlantic Ocean

Answer: Arabian Sea

Darling is the name of a____.

(a) River
(b) Sea
(c) Lake
(d) Island
Answer: River

Orange is the well known river of _____.

(a) Lesotho
(b) Australia
(c) Russia
(d) Turkey


Select the estimate length of the Brahmaputra ;

(a) 2900 km
(b) 3140 km
(c) 2890 km
(d) 2740 km

Answer: 2900 km

Select the outflowing River Brahmaputra is;

(a) Indian Ocean
(b) Bay of Bengal
(c) Ganges River
(d) Indus River

Answer: Ganges River


Select the location of lena river is

(a) China
(b) Canada
(c) Russia
(d) US
Answer: Russia

select the name of the range which separates Pakistan from Afghanistan;

(a) Pamir Range

(b) Himalayas Range

(c) Hindu Kush Range

(d) Karakorum Range

Answer ; Hindu Kush Range

Select the total height of K2 peak;

(a) 8611 meter

(b) 8640 meter

(c) 8610 meter

(d) 8691 meter

Answer ; 8611 meter

Select the highest peak of the Koh-e-Sufaid range is;

(a) Sakasar

(b) Broad Peak

(c) Skaram

(d) Rakaposhi

Answer ; Skaram

8.Select the name of peak mountains which is called Killer Mountain;

(a) Rakaposhi




Select the third biggest river of the world is;

(a) Mississippi
(b) Rio Grande
(c) San Francisco
(d) Ob

Answer: Mississippi

Select the tenth biggest river of the world is;

(a) Indus
(b) Yukon
(c) Mekong
(d) Lena

Answer: Mekong

Huang He is also known as;

(a) Yellow River
(b) Red River
(c) Black River
(d) River Po

Answer: Yellow River

Select the largest river of South America and second longest river of the world is;

(a) Amazon
(b) Nile
(c) Congo
(d) Don

Answer: Amazon

Select the city in which River Amu Dar’ya flows in;

(a) Turkmenistan
(b) New Zealand
(c) Zaire
(d) Iraq

Answer: Turkmenistan

Select the city in which longest river of Asia, Chang Jiang flows in;

(a) Gambia
(b) Zaire
(c) China
(d) Romania

Answer: China

Select the city in which Colorado River flows in;

(a) US
(b) Sri Lanka
(c) UK
(d) Niger
Answer: US

Select the location of Congo Rive;

(a) Zaire
(b) Turkmenistan
(c) Brazil
(d) India

Answer: Zaire

Don is a well known river of;

(a) Canada
(b) China
(c) Russia
(d) Brazil

Answer: Russia

Elbe is a well known river of;

(a) Germany
(b) China
(c) Gambia
(d) Iraq

Answer: Germany

Select the location of Euphrates river;

(a) Jordan
(b) Iran
(c) Iraq
(d) Lebanon

Answer: Iraq

Select a city in which Irrawardy River flows in;

(a) Myanmar
(b) Lesotho
(c) Brazil
(d) Jordan

Answer: Myanmar

(b) Pamir

(c) K-2

(d) Nanga Parbat

Answer ;Nanga Parbat

Select the height of Tirich Mir peak;

(a) 7670 meters

(b) 7650 meters

(c) 7690 meters

(d) 7640 meters

Answer ; 7690 meters

Select the highest point in Hindu Kush;

(a) Mount Everest

(b) Mount McKinley

(c) Tirich Mir

(d) Nanga Parbat

Answer ; Tirich Mir

Baltoro glacier is situated in the mountain range of

(a) Hindu Kush

(b) Suleiman

(c) KarakorumHindu Kush

(d) Himalayas

Answer ;Karakorum

Select the pass connects Ghazni in Afghanistan with Bannu in Pakistan

(a) Tochi Pass

(b) Bolan Pass

(c) Khyber Pass

(d) Gomal Pass

Answer ; Tochi Pass

The area between Tilla Jogian to Bakrala Hills near by River Jhelum to Sulaiman Mountain range is called the area of;

(a) Koh e Suleiman

(b) Kirthar Range

(c) Salt Range

(d) Koh e Sufaid

Answer ; Salt Range

Select the highest peak of Salt range is;

(a) K-2

(b) Nanga Parbat

(c) Sakasar

(d) Rakaposhi

Answer ; Sakasar

Siachen glacier is located in the sector of

(a) Baltistan

(b) Chitral

(c) Skardu

(d) Shigar


Select the name of pass attach Peshawar with Chitral;

(a) Bolan Pass

(b) Dargai Pass

(c) Malakand Pass

(d) Baroghil Pass

Answer Malakand Pass

Select the highest peak of Himalayas range in Pakistan;

(a) Broad Peak

(d) Rakaposhi

(c) Nanga Parbat

(d) Rakaposhi

Answer ;Nanga Parbat

Select the name of longest glacier of Pakistan;

(a) Siachen

(b) Baltoro

(c) Hispar

(d) Batura

Answer ; Siachen

Select the highest peak of Karakorum Range is;

(a) K-2

(b) Nanga Parbat


(d) Rakaposhi

Answer ; K-2

Answer ; Baltistan

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