Case Studies Examples Scenarios OOP

Most of the time you see the case studies and scenario-based questions in the OOP (Object-oriented programming) paper. Keeping in view, I am sharing with you some of the case study base questions of the OOP course.

Examples of Case Studies and Scenarios questions from OOP

  1. Suggest the arrays or structures?
  2. Which loop is better to use in which module?
  3. How much user define functions and built functions are required to fulfill the task in the given case study.
  4. Implement the given scenario with arrays, loops, and conditional statements.
  5. When and where we need the pointer in the given case study.
  6. What classes are possible
  7. What kind of inheritance you will use in the programs.
  8. You will use the operator overloading or not. If yes then suggest some examples of operator overloading from the given scenarios.
  9. You will need virtual classes or not? If yes then where.
  10. Implement the following case study with inheritance, constructor, virtual base class, and operator overloading.


List of Case studies and Scenarios

Vehicle information dissemination system for Cloud  Android Project for BCS BSIT MCS BSSE

Gym and Fitness Management System Project IN C# for BCS BSIT MCS BSSE

HR Management System Project in C# and VB.NET for BCS BSIT MCS BSSE

Employees Attendance System via Fingerprint  in C# and VB.NET for BCS BSIT MCS BSSE

Pharmacy Record Management System Project in PHP, ASP or C#.NET

Car information System using Android and Arduino final year Project for BSCS BSIT MCS BSSE

Agile File Master App final year project for BSCS BSIT MCS BSSE

Android Messenger App final year project for BSCS BSIT MCS BSSE

Android Call Recorder App final year project for BSCS BSIT MCS BSSE

Music Listening App final year project for BSCS BSIT MCS BSSE

Like mind matches Android application – Final year project for MCS

Financial Helper Using QR/Barcode Scanner Android Final year project for MCS BSCS BSSE

My Grocery List Mobile Application Project in  Android

If you are still in reading the more case studies, then you can read 100+ case studies.

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