Gym and Fitness Management System Project IN C# for BCS BSIT MCS BSSE

Gym and Fitness Management System Project IN C# for BCS BSIT MCS BSSE

Gyms are become an essential part of our lives, providing the best exercise and body-building facilities to our society. Therefore, at the management end there are some necessary steps to maintain the records of every individual including a trainer, trainees, and staff but maintaining the records on paper is very difficult so, it is necessary to have a computerized system that manages all these issues.

Thus working on the management system for Gym Industry is the basis of our project. We have developed an automated version of the manual system, named as Gymnasium Management System. This system also provides excellent security of data to its users

Scope of Gym and Fitness Management System Project

As the technology and the passion of being muscular and healthy is increasing day by day. So, the need for a well-organized, computer base gymnasium Management System has become the need of society and the gymnasium industry.

This system helps the Owner and Admin to maintain large data about users and their daily transactions in the gymnasium. Also, suitable for users for automated attendance and online profile. Our Gymnasium Management System is the best option for it.

Objectives of Gym and Fitness Management System Project

0ur main objective is to create such Management System where Admin can all records under one platform, Admin required membership Record transactions, machinery and expense records. Similarly, users required online profiles, automated attendance, and correct update record.

Our objective is to create such a management system that covers all the aspects mentioned above.

Existing & Proposed System of Gym and Fitness Management System Project

The existing system in gyms is using paperwork and direct human language communication to manage the gym system This creates problems, in terms of member records and their transactions which minimize the overall performance of the system and do not fulfill the requirements. Thus the work becomes increase.

Disadvantages of the Existing Systems

  • Data Security is very difficult
  • Files based system can be misleading.
  • Difficulty to gather information files.
  • Manual Searching and managing records are difficult.
  • Admin cannot maintain records efficiently.
  • Chances of errors are high.
  • Data redundancy and inconsistency makes the existing system odd and inefficient.

Proposed system

Fitness Gym Management System provides a computer-based management system for keeping all records about Members, Machinery, Expenses, transactions and Salaries in an efficient and accessible database. This system helps the Owner and Admin to maintain large data about users and their daily transactions in gymnasium System is helping in creating reports, manage salaries, expenses, and machinery record.

The system is also suitable for users for an automated attendance and online profile Our Gymnasium Management System is the best option for it. It reduces and removes the manual and traditional workload, Administrator can easily add/ delete/ update/view each record on the computer.

Functional Requirements of Gym and Fitness Management System Project

Functional requirements are the primary requirements that are to be fulfilled by the portal Their fulfillment allows the user to use the site. The proposed system provides features for clients and admin The following subsections illustrate functional requirements to be fulfilled by the proposed system.


All users of the software shall have the ability to create an account that is used to store user data and tie user actions to a user alias.

User registration and login shall be mandatory.

Create an Account

The system should provide the user with an easy to use GUI to facilitate their creating an account.

The system shall ask for an email address and password.

The system shall notify the user if incorrect characters are used in the email or password fields.

The system should notify the user if their email has already been used.

The system should notify the user if any required fields are left empty.

The system should not allow the user to create weak or unsecured passwords.

The system should explain how the submitted password is un-secure.

The system should prevent the user from completing registration if the terms of service have not been agreed to the required details.

ab-Admin User will be able to Login into the system with his unique Email Password Type and get required limited access to system. The system should provide a user-friendly GUI to allow the user to log in when the application launches.

The system should prompt the user for their email address and password.

View Existing Programs

The system should provide intuitive and user-friendly navigation to allow users to locate the current list of user-submitted exercise routines.

Once selected, the system shall retrieve all user-submitted programs from the Google Firebase database and display them to the user.

The system shall display full details of an exercise routine once one is selected by the user.

The system should allow quick and easy navigation between different routines in the list.

Manage Users

Admin can manage all Members and their records on one click.

Here, manage means ADD, UPDATE, VIEW, and DELETE record.

Manage Transactions

Admin will able to manage (Add delete update view) transactions of members by using just a unique ID. The system will clearly update the status of members.

Manage Expenses

The system can manage daily, weekly, monthly expenses of Fitness with its module named MANAGE EXPENSE that contains all the possible expenses of the system.

Manage machinery

The system will be able to have a complete record of the purchased machinery in the gym along with prices as well. The system will able to update/view Delete records of machinery.

Send Message

The system shall provide an interface for sending messages between users.

Messages should be sent in real-time and have no delays

Benefits of the Proposed System

Efficient System

In our proposed system, admin can easily maintainable records with quite efficiently.

Removing Data Redundancy

In our proposed system, we remove the data redundancy Now, we get the information in a single place

With No Wastage of Space

No paperwork is required. So, in our proposed system, the admin did not require manual paperwork. It can only require a little space where they adjust their computer.

Minimum or Less Employee Required

They can also require less labor in fact only one Administrator which can handle their daily transactions quite easily.

Data Accuracy

Our proposed system is also accurate because now admin does not enter a single record in so many registers but only in one single computer-based System.

Data Consistency

The major benefit of our proposed system is Data consistency. Now, if we change data in one portion of the system, it can automatically change data in every related portion. We can also make modifications to the proposed system.

Data Security

In our proposed system security is the best priority. Only an authorized person can access the system.

Class Diagram of  Gym Management System

Gym Management System Sequence Class Diagram

SYSTEM TESTING – Test cases for Gym Management System


Test Engineer:Admin
User authentication
TestUser Name and Password (Ali,1234)
Steps:·Enter User Name
·Enter Password
·Click Login

Add Trainer

Test Engineer:Admin
Purpose:Add new Trainer
Pre Req:Admin logged in
Test Data:User Name and Password(Ali,1234)
·Enter User Name
Steps:·Enter Password
·Enter new Record

View Members

Test Engineer:Admin
Purpose:View Members
Pre Req:Admin logged in
Test Data:User Name and Password(Ali,1234)
Steps:·Enter User Name
·Enter Password
·Click view users

Delete Members

Test Engineer:Admin
Purpose:Delete Member
Pre Req:Admin logged in
Test Data:User Name and Password(Ali, 1234)
·Enter User Name
·Enter Password
Steps:·  Click on view users
·Click on delete

View Messages

Test Engineer:Admin
Purpose:View Messages
Pre Req:Admin logged in
Test Data:User Name and Password(ali,1234)
Steps:·Enter User Name
·Enter Password
Click on Message Box to view message

Delete Message

Test Engineer:Admin
Purpose:Delete Messages
Pre Req:Admin logged in
Test Data:User Name and Password(ali, 1234)
·Enter User Name
·Enter Password
Steps:·  Click on message box
·Click on delete

Gymnasium Management System Use Cases Description (SRS)

If you want to read the use case descriptions of the Gymnasium Management System, then click Here.

Test Cases of Gymnasium Management System Project

Let’s see the sample test cases of the project of Gym and Fitness Management System. Click Here.




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