Agile File Master App final year project for BSCS BSIT MCS BSSE

Agile File Master App final year project for BSCS BSIT MCS BSSE

Project Domain / Category

Android Mobile App

Abstract / Introduction

Agile File Master is a file management app for Android that allows you to work with your files in a similar way to how you would do it on a computer, supporting functions like copying, pasting, and cropping.

File Master can also work with files in the cloud, including Dropbox, Google Drive, or SkyDrive. You just have to set up your account on these services and then you can start working with your files.

Some of the interesting features in File Master include a miniature preview of your photographs while you are working with them and the ability to move APK files from installed applications.

Manage your files efficiently and easily with this File Master, Agile File Master helps you handle all your files, whether they are stored in your device’s memory, MicroSD card, local area network, and cloud storage accounts.

Functional Requirements:

Following are the functional requirements that File Master has to manage.

  1. Light and savvy file explorer: Search, access, save, move, delete, or share files that are stored in your smart device’s internal storage to or from a MicroSD card, LAN, or Cloud storage accounts and vice-versa.
  2. Access files in LAN: Manage files within your LAN (local area network).
  3. More storage options via Cloud storages: Supports cloud storage accounts such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and Microsoft OneDrive.
  4. Suave and smooth multimedia streamlining: Stream multimedia files such as music or videos or open documents, pictures, or photos stored in any of your Cloud storage accounts
  5. Save disk space by packaging files: Compress files to save space for your storage and extract compressed files in Zip and RAR formats
  6. Easy file browsing: Browse files easily by category right from the File Master’s home

screen: images, videos, music, applications, downloaded, and favorites.

  1. Disk tools: Storage analyzer, recycle bin and hidden cabinet let you manage your disk
  2. Home Screen Shortcuts: Tap and hold a category to create a shortcut on the Home
  3. Fast path navigation: Tap the path name to select files from different folders.
  4. Toolbar: Manage your selected files easily with the toolbar.


Development environments / IDEs for Android application

Android SDK

Java and XML

SQLite database tool