Financial Helper Using QR/Barcode Scanner Android Final year project for MCS BSCS BSSE

Financial Helper Using QR/Barcode Scanner Android Final year project for MCS BSCS BSSE

Project Domain / Category

Mobile/Android based Application


This project will be developed to scan the QR code or a barcode through mobile and analyze the cheapest rate of any product on various Supermarkets. This is a camera-based system to scan the barcode behind the image and read the description of the product with the help of Id stored in the barcode. This is very beneficial in case of finding out the description of product among price and thus helping us in deciding to purchase a product with cheapest rate.

In order to use this system, all the user needs to do is scan the barcode on the product through mobile phone camera and resolves the barcode to find out the Id stored. This is now easy to implement as most of the mobile phones today have the required resolution in order to scan the barcode to identify the Id stored in it and read out the product description. Description of every product among its price and store’s name will be stored in the database. This project can be implemented in any shopping mall, supermarket, Bookstores etc.

Functional Requirements:

  • System should be able to read the barcode through mobile camera and abstract the descriptions of product from barcode.
  • System should able to use the mobile camera to take the picture of barcode.
  • System should abstract the detail of product from the picture that has been taken by mobile camera and save the description in a repository.
  • System should compare the price of product with other prices on other store.
  • If it finds the less price of the same product in other store, It can suggest the user to postponed the product to buy.

[NOTE: Student can add/enhance requirements as per needed.]


Android Studio, My SQL

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