Blood Bank Management System Project – Android Mobile App Project- Final Year projects for CS,SE,IT

Blood Bank Management System Project – Android Mobile App Project – Final Year projects for CS, SE, IT

Here, there is a detailed Software Requirement Specification of blood bank management system project in Android.

INTRODUCTION of Blood Bank Management System Project

This is an android based project which will play an important role in saving the lives of human beings and which is also its main aim developed an android application will include all the relevant features to provide a means of communication between blood seekers, blood donors & blood banks. This will help the users in such a way that users can locate different volunteer blood donors and blood banks in their locality through GPS and then request for the blood in case of emergency. The users will be able to view information about different blood banks along with with the blood available in their repository, the information of the registers users who need blood in case of emergency and the blood donors who wish to donate blood when required. All the personal information about blood donors will be kept at the backend database.

A complete document about the software will be given to the blood bank administration in order to future maintenance of the system.

A user manual will be provided to the system administrator with some simple explanations about the system and its features. A simple webpage will be designed for online registration & user guidance & when the donor submits his/her details through the internet simple guidance will also be given to the donor.

PROJECT OVERVIEW of Blood Bank Management System Project

The system is designed and developed keeping in view that it should be user-friendly, Searching should be easy, and it should have the good and easy display and user ease is given to the user.

The Interface of the system is developed keeping in mind that it should be good looking, attract, at first sight, easy to understand and self-explanatory.

The system is web-based and the user can have access to the system with or without the internet. The interface of the system is so flexible that it can arrange itself according to the size of the device in which the site is being used.

PROJECT SCOPE of Blood Bank Management System Project

The scope of a system means that which modules are being covered by the system. The scope clearly defines the boundaries of the proposed system. The functional areas of this application that lies under the scope of the proposed system are the management of the availability of donors, hospitals, blood banks to the user or member at any time. The system calculates the estimated locations of the donors, hospitals and blood banks and also provides online chat service between donors and consumers.

The client can also go through from the guidelines section to view the useful precautions needed before and after blood transfusion. To be a member of the Android Blood Bank has to fill the registration form and provide the necessary information.

PROPOSED SOLUTION ofBlood Bank Management System Project

In this project, the following solution is given

  • We are providing a better platform for the users to view the nearest blood donors, hospitals, and blood banks anywhere anytime in the world.
  • GPS will help blood seekers to find hospitals, blood donors, and blood banks nearer to the location from where the request for the blood is generated.
  • The very friendly design will lead the user to every module very easily without any difficulty.
  • The user can also sync the data for later use in case of no internet connection.

PROPOSED SYSTEM OUTPUT of Blood Bank Management System Project

The user can check the synchronized data in case of no internet connection and also view the overall blood requests and delete the requests he/she made.

The system will bridge the gap between blood donors, blood seekers, hospitals and blood banks. They all can communicate with each other and the availability of the required blood group will increase.


The proposed system has the following main features.


The efficiency of any system is concerned with the minimum processing time as well as the optimal use of system resources in designing the proposed system; the efficiency factor has been taken well into consideration.

User-Friendly Interface

The interface will be user-friendly so that a common user can use it easily. In our, we make it very easy for the user to jump from one section to another. Another uniqueness of the design id that it is based on the fluid interface, it can adjust itself according to the device in which the system is being used.

Data Security and Integrity

Data security and integrity is our topmost priority. We will make sure that private data of every single user must remain confidential and never be compromised. For this purpose, we will use effective security mechanisms.


Our application solution is aimed to provide with:

  • Technology & Control


Key features of the proposed solution would be its extensibility. Our solution enables a new level of remote automation, programmability, and extensibility using modern technologies.


Scalability can be defined as the ease with which a system or component can be modified to fit the problem are. Our system will easily be modified.


  • Android Studio
  • Java Development Kit
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • SQLite
  • Microsoft Word for documentation

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