Project Proposal Template for BS MSC and MS

Project Proposal Template for BS MSC and MS

1.    Introduction

Briefly introduce your project idea.

2.   Objective

Write down your project objective in a very precise and concise manner. Ideally, your statement should not exceed 2-3 lines. For example, “To design a real-time fault-tolerant embedded system for automated gas stations with distributed system architecture“.

3.   Problem Description

A proposal document should address three primary questions in relation to the project objective: What, Why, and How. This section should describe What and Why of your project. Describe the above-mentioned problem in a little bit detail. For example, considering the same project, describe what are the benefits and features of automated gas stations, what problems arise when we move from manual to automated systems, what issues should be kept in mind while designing such systems and why such systems should be fault-tolerant. Be specific. You are not expected to write more than 250 words.

4.   Methodology

This section would address the ‘How’ part. Briefly write down your intended approach towards tackling the above problems. Name any algorithm or third-party library you would use, any particular technique you are going to follow, etc.

5.   Project Scope

An FYP should be defined in terms of its scope. Things you are going to do are almost defined in earlier sections. Here you would outline your project’s scope by declaring what design/development/research aspects you are not going to consider in due course. State any assumption that might dictate your system evolution. For example, in an automated gas station project, we are assuming a distributed environment. Remember, never fall into technicalities. What communication media we would be using is irrelevant while defining the project scope.

6.   Feasibility Study

With an above-defined scope, would you be able to meet your project schedule? Do mention the following aspects:

  1. Risks Involved: Identify the risks involved, and how you would be able to cater?
  2. Resource Requirement: What computing or any other resource you would need?

7.   Solution Application Areas

Is your project of some real value? Which industry or application domain you are targeting? How that target domain may benefit from your solution?

8.   Tools/Technology

Mention all the HW/SW tools/technologies required for the project.

9.   The expertise of the Team Members

Are all team members pre-equipped with the level of knowledge needed for the successful completion of this project? Have you people studied the relevant course by now? Is this project of equal interest to all team members?

10. Milestones

Mention all major tasks/sub-tasks to be accomplished. You would use these milestones while defining the project timeline.

11. References

Mention all the literature or web references here. The references should be properly numbered and correctly used in the text.

Reference text should be written in quotes and indented and the references marked in [square brackets]. “Reference material”[1].

The Reference section should be in the following fashion:

  • Book: Last Name, First Name. “Tide of Book”. City: Publisher, Copyright Date. Page numbers
  • Magazine/ Newspaper Article: Author’s last name, Author’s first name. “Title of article,” Name of magazine/newspaper, date of magazine/newspaper, page number(s).
  • Internet Web page: Author. “Title of Web page”. The date on the page. A company associated (if any). The date you last saw the page. URL.
  • Online Magazine or Newspaper Articles: Author’s last name, Author’s first name. “Title of article.” Name of magazine, date of the magazine, page numbers. Reproduced in Name of Database. Library where the database was accessed, the location of the library. Date of access.

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