Personal Budget Management System (PBMS) Android Final year project for MCS BSCS BSIT BCS

Personal Budget Management System (PBMS) Android Final year project for MCS BSCS BSIT BCS

Project Domain / Category

Android Mobile App.

Abstract / Introduction

A personal budget management is a finance plan that allocates future personal income towards expenses, savings and debt repayment. Past spending and personal debts are considered when creating a personal budget. Budgeting is the most basic and effective tool for managing our monthly income. But most people avoid doing it because they think keeping record of budget or expense is hectic task.

Recording monthly expenses on paper is very difficult as modification, removal and searching is not easy on paper. Similarly using any which run on our computer like MS excel or any other tool is also clumsy. Because will have to note all expenses on paper then later record them all on tool installed on computer. Better solution use mobile application to keep record of every expense easily at any location.

In this project, your task is develop an Android based application which will be used to manage personal budget. Your application should fulfill following requirements.

This project has the following basic requirements:

  • Application should be a mobile based app which will run only on Android.
  • User should be able to create a monthly budget or expenses plan.
  • There should be option to create different categories of expense like medicine, grocery, rent, etc…
  • Allocate budge to each category
  • Add items in category and permissible money of this item.
  • Alert the user if planned expense of any category reaches its limit.
  • Able to remove and update any item or its price in any category.
  • User should be able to see expense details of each category
  • At the end of month left over money in any category should be added to savings.
  • If in any category expense exceed to its limit then excessive money should be added to debts.
  • User should be able to see bar and line chart on the basis of per month for monthly expenses and comparison of monthly expenses of any category.

These are some basic requirements of application. Student should add more and detailed requirements in SRS document.


  1. Android Studio
  2. Xamarin

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