Final Year Project Viva important Questions

I am supervising and evaluating FYP students since 2014. In my career, i observed that each time these questions are repeatedly asked by examiners of FYP panel.In this article, i will give you an idea that how to pass and defend FYP?

Software Documentation Related Questions

  1. Tell me about your project.
  2. What is scope of your project?
  3. What is new in your project?
  4. What languages, tools and technologies you are using in your project and why you chose it?
  5. Have you studies problems and weaknesses in same existing systems in the market?
  6. What are functional and non functional requirements? Give example.
  7. What are, and any example of following non functional requirement.
  8. How you test your system?
  9. Which software process model you are using in your project and why?
  10. Have you identified possible risks in your system?
  11. Which software process model you are using in your project and why?
  12. What are preconditions and post conditions in use case diagrams and why we use it?
  13. What are alternate and success scenario in use case diagrams?
  14. What is include relationship in use case diagrams? Give example.
  15. What is extend relationship in use case diagrams? Give example.
  16. What generation in use case diagrams?
  17. What is include relationship in use case diagrams? Give example.
  18. What is role of Aggregation in class diagram?
  19. What is role of Composition in class diagram?
  20. what is role of Lifeline symbol in class diagram?
  21. what is role of Package symbol in class diagram?
  22. what is difference between Synchronous message symbol and Asynchronous message symbol in sequence diagram?
  23. What is role of Connector symbol, Joint symbol/ Synchronization bar, and Fork symbol in activity diagram? Give example.
  24. What are and why we draw following diagrams?
  25. What are and why we draw following diagrams?
    Class Diagram, Structure Diagrams
    Component Diagram
    Deployment Diagram
    Object Diagram
    Package Diagram
    Profile Diagram
    Composite Structure Diagram
    Behavioral Diagrams
    Use Case Diagram
    Activity Diagram
    State Machine Diagram
    Sequence Diagram
    Communication Diagram
  26. What are, and any example of following non functional requirement?

Product Requirements

Efficiency Requirements

Performance Requirements

Space Requirements

Reliability Requirements

Reliability Requirements

Portability Requirements

Portability Requirements

Usability Requirements

Organizational Requirements

Organizational Requirements (Delivery Requirements, Implementation Requirements, Standard Requirements)

External Requirements

Interoperability Requirements

Interoperability Requirements

Ethical Requirements

Legislative Requirements

Privacy Requirements

Safety Requirements

Software Coding/Programming Related Questions

These questions cover the concepts you have used in your FYP code.

For example;

  1. What is class and object?
  2. Why and how many classes you use? mention the reason if not use.
  3. What are structures, pointers, inheritance, single, multiple and multi level inheritance, and tell me where you have used these concepts in your project.

 Interface and design Related Questions

How you can change color, font size etc of your interface.

Database Related Questions


how many database tables you have.

  1. Is there any database scheme? Tell me how and you use it.
  2. Your database table have which kind of relationships
  3. Have you normalize your tables?
  4. Why we draw ERD?
  5. Why we draw DFD?
  6. Which database model, you have in your final year project?
  7. What is the use of following SQL queries?

Select, Select Distinct, Where, And, Or, Like, Wildcards, In, Between, Aliases, Joins, Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join, Full Join, Self Join, Union, Group By, Having, Exists, Any, Null Values, Update, Delete, Select Top, Min and Max, Count, Avg, Sum, Comments, Operators, Create DB, Drop DB, Backup DB, Create Table, Primary Key, Foreign Key, Check, Default, Index, Auto Increment, All,  Drop Table, Alter Table, Constraints, Not Null, Unique, Select Into, Insert Into Select, Case, Null Functions, Stored Procedures, Not, Order By, Insert Into

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