Ethics of Ethical Hacking MCQs

Solved MCQs on Ethics of Ethical Hacking.

By performing the shoulder surfing for checking other’s password is ______
(A). a good ethical practice
(B). not so good ethical practice
(C). good social engineering practice ethical practice
(D). a bad ethical practice
Answer: d
What has now grew to be the most popular automated tools for the unethical hacking?
(A). Automated apps
(B). Database software
(C). Malware
(D). Worms
Answer: c
Which among the following technique do we use in business organizations and firms for protecting the IT assets?
(A). Ethical hacking
(B). Unethical hacking
(C). Fixing bugs
(D). Internal data-breach
Answer: a
An ethical hacker must never disclose client information to the other parties after he has performed what?
(A). hacking
(B). cracking
(C). penetration testing
(D). exploiting
Answer: c
Which among the following is the branch of cybersecurity that deals with morality and always provides different theories and a rule regarding the view-points about what is right and what is wrong?
(A). Social ethics
(B). Ethics in cyber-security
(C). Corporate ethics
(D). Ethics in black hat hacking
Answer: d
Which among the following helps us to classify the arguments and situations, better understand a cyber-crime and helps to determine the suitable actions?
(A). Cyber-ethics
(B). Social ethics
(C). Cyber-bullying
(D). Corporate behaviour
Answer: a
What requirements of a firm during evaluating the security postures should a penetration tester identify and keep in mind?
(A). privacy and security
(B). rules and regulations
(C). hacking techniques
(D). ethics to talk to seniors
Answer: a

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