Moral Development MCQs

Moral Development MCQs

Aim of shared organizational values is _____

a.Build Team Support

b. Inuence marketing efforts

c.Guide managers’ decisions and actions

d. All of the above

Answer: d

The factor which affects ethical and unethical behavior is ______

a.Ethical dilemma

b. Diversity

c. Teamwork

d. Open communication

Answer: A

Which among the following term refers to the principles, values and beliefs which dene right and wrong behavior?

a.Customer satisfaction

b. Empowerment

c. Innovation

d. Ethics

Answer: D

Second stage of moral development is ________


b. Conventional

c. Pre conventional

d. None of the above

Answer: B

Personality measure of the strength of a person’s convictions is known as _______

a.Locus of control b. Ego c. Ego Strength d. None of the above

Answer: C

One of the six characters which fix the intensity of issue is ____

a.Probability of harm b. Immediacy of consequences c. Proximity to victims d.All of the above

Answer: D

The individuals which raise ethical concerns to others, inside or outside the organization are known as ___________

a.Entrepreneur b. Whistle blowers c. Social entrepreneur d.Social impact management

Answer: B

When something is planned, organised, lead and controlled by the managers then they are known as the decision makers.

a. True b. False

Answer: .A

Guess of rationality to rationale decision making is _________

a. Preferences are clear b. Final choice will maximise payoff

Answer: D

What is the decision-making on the basis of experience, feelings and accumulated judgement is said?

a. Decision-making b. Structured problems c. Intuitive decision making d.None of the above

Answer: C

CEO of Nike is ________

a. D. Perez’s b. John. T. Chambers c. Phil Knight d. None of the above

Answer: A

Not mentioned in the decision-making matrix is ________

a. Analytic b. Behavioural c. Directive               d. Performance management

Answer: D

The software that provides key performance indicators for helping the managers to monitor efficiency of projects and employees is _________

a. Management Information System

b. Business Performance Management

c. Enterprise Application Software

d. Online analytical Processing

Answer: B

Which among the following is a performance that measures the both efficiency and effectiveness?

a. Organisational behavior b. Organizational citizenship c. Employee productivity d.None of

the above

Answer: .C

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