Economics Multiple Choice From Books Chapters

Economics Multiple Choice From Books Chapters

1: When the supply and demand fall together then the price will be…

a: remain constant

b: fall

c: rise

d: elastic

e: none

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2: a labourer resigns from service to start his own business is called…

a: geographical mobility

b: social mobility

c: horizontal mobility

d: occupational mobility

e: vertical mobility

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3: The deposit of commercial banks is called…

a: real capital

b: domestic capital

c: money capital

d: foreign capital

e: fixed capital

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4: ……… is a capital…

a: toy

b: novel book

c: plough

d: radio

e: none of them

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5:Which of the following presents internal and externat rule…


b: alfred marshall

c: robbins

d: j.m.keynes

e: david ricardo

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6: Marginal economics means…


b: unimportant

c: the minimum unit 

d: additional

e: just barely passing

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7: Buyers and sellers come in contact with each other where…

a: products are sold

b: price remains constant

c: market

d: price fluctuates

e: all of them

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8: one of the following present the concept of perfect competition…

a: malthus

b: marshall

c: robbins

d: adam amith

e: smith

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9: Under monopology there is a difference between firm and industry …

a: yes

b: no

c: wrong

d: both a and b

e: none of them

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10: Average fixed cost curve is not a….

a: U shaped curve

b: marginal cost curve

c: average fixed cost curve

d: average variable cost curve

e: marginal revenue curve

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11: One of the following in macro econimics not discussed…

a: emloyment

b: price determination in a market 

c: investment

d: personal savings

e: national income

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12: a tax on anual income of a person is …… and a tax on cigarettes is……?

a: proportional tax

b: indirect tax

c: direct tax

d: both a and b

e: both b and c

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