Macroeconomic MCQs

Macroeconomic MCQs

(1) For the consumption of fixed capital which term is used in economics…..

a) Production flow

b) Deprecition

c) Investment

d) Value added

e) Domestic value

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(2) Main three Approches to measure economic activity….

a) Private,International & Public

b) Business, Pulic & International

c) Cost, Income & Expenses

d) Product,Income & Expenditures

e) Public, Product & Income

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(3) In which year great depression hit the US…..

a) 1928

b) 1949

c) 1929

d) 1935

e) 2001

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(4) What is the difference between Net value and Gross value……

a) Production flow

b) Depreciation

c) Investment

d) Domestic value

e) None of these

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(5) All decisions taken by in planed economy…..

a) Shareholder

b) Consumers

c) Voters

d) Workers

e) Government

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(6) Macroeconomics deals with 4 major factor…..

a) Government, Free-market, External sector & regulations

b) Households, External sector, government, and demand-supply

c) Households, firms, government and external sector

d) Firms, government, free-market, and regulations

e) A and B

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(7) Study of macroeconomics deals with…..

a) Behaviour of firms

b) Behaviour of industry

c) Microeconomics aggregates

d) Macroeconomics Aggregates

e) Behaviour of individual units

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(8) Which Gross National Product minus the depreciation…..

a) Net domestic product

b) Net national product

c) Gross national product

d) Gross domestic product

e) None of these

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(9) The founding father of modern economics is……

a) F. Hayek

b) Samuelson

c) Adam Smith

d) John Maynard Keynes

e) None of these

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(10) The study of inflation is a part of…..

a) Macroeconomics

b) Microeconomics

c) Descriptive economics

d) Normative economics

e) All of these

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(11) The central problem in ecnomics is…..

a) Production

b) Allocation

c) Consumption

d) Development

e) Scarcity

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(12) Money have a major influence on…..

a) Interest rates

b) Inflation

c) Business cycles

d) A and B

e) A, B & C

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