MCQs of Macroeconomics

MCQs of Macroeconomics

(1) One possible cause of inflation was a ‘push’ from the cost side suggested by which economist………..

a) Old classical economists

b) New classical economist

c) Keynesians

d) Marxists

e) Monetarists

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(2) In a portfolio investment, the criteria are…..

a) Investors are indirectly involved in managing the operations

b) Investors transfer the technology to local investors

c) Investors have no control over operations

d) As an indirect investment, investors export goods and services abroad

e) Investors are directly involved in managing the operations

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(3) In the steady state economy……

a) Per capita capital stock remains constant

b) Net investment equals the consumption

c) Per capita capital stock grows at the rate of labour growth

d) Net investment equals to constant

e) Net investment equals depreciation rate

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(4) Which is not important variable in growth accounting calculation……

a) Capital growth

b) Production growth

c) Labour growth

d) Money supply growth

e) Investment growth

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(5) The three factors of money demands…..

a) Precautionary, special, transaction

b) Accumulative, speculative, precautionary

c) Speculative, transaction, precautionary

d) A and B

e) Precautionary special, transaction

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(6) How many major instruments of monetary policy…..

a) 5

b) 11

c) 20

d) 4

e) 36

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(7) Which is called high powered money……

a) M6

b) M3

c) M2

d) M1

e) Mo

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(8) How many functions of paper & money currency…..

a) Seven

b) Nine

c) Four

d) Three

e) None of these

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(9)When deficit trends decreases………

a) GDP decreases

b) GDP increases

c) Slightly rapid GDP

d) Its remain unchanged

e) None of these

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(10) The intermediate goods known as…..

a) Term which exist

b) Term do not exist

c) Direct consumer’s use

d) Further processing

e) All of the above

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(11) How many methods are there to measuring GDP…..

a) 7

b) 12

c) 4

d) 11

e) 3

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(12) In economy imports are considered as…..

a) Brain Drain

b) Trade deficit

c) Injections

d) Leakages

e) A and B

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