Macroeconomics Solved MCQs

Macroeconomics Solved MCQs

(1) With whom National Income dividing to obtained per capita income………..

a) Subsidies

b) Employment Taxes

c) Indirect Taxes

d) Direct Taxes

e) None of these

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(2) If an import is greater the export then…..

a) Brain Drain

b) Budget surplus

c) Trade surplus

d) Trade deficit

e) Markup ratio

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(3) The money which is worthless but known as money is……

a) Silver coin

b) Tradeable commodity

c) Currency note

d) Barter system

e) Financial wealth

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(4) The business cycle length measured from……

a) Peak to peak

b) Trough to peak

c) Peak to trough

d) B and C

e) Slump to the expansion

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(5) The short run Philips curve if inflationary expections increase…….

a) Shift to left

b) Shift to right

c) Upward sloping

d) Vertical sloping

e) Downward sloping

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(6) To measure inflation which index is used…..

a) Student price index

b) Producer price index

c) Consumer price index

d) Owners price index

e) Wholesale price index

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(7) Increase in price level during high unemployment method is known as……

a) Stagflation

b) Slump

c) Inflation

d) Deflection

e) Stagnation

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(8) The policies of the government which increase production rather than demand are known as…..

a) Monetary policy

b) Supply side policy

c) Fiscal policy

d) Income policy

e) Export policy

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(9) The using of monetary and fiscal policy to stabilise the economy………

a) Supply side economy

b) Laissez faire economy

c) Fine tunning of demand

d) Monetarism

e) None of these

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(10) An umemployment or recession is known as…..

a) A period during which aggregate output declines

b) A period of deciling unemployment

c) A period of deciling prices

d) A period of falling trade volumes

e) All of the above

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(11) According to Classical economists, economy defines as…..

a) Will never be at full employment

b) is self correcting

c) Fine tunning to reach full employment

d) Is market forces

e) Is sticky prices

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(12) Which is not direct determinant of country imports…..

a) Tariff rates

b) Real exchange rate

c) Income

d) Gross level

e) Interest rate

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