Use Case Descriptions of Projects

Let us see the Use Case Descriptions of some Projects.

Let us see some use case descriptions of case studies.

  • Use Cases Description of Real Estate Management System Project.
  • Use Case Description of Online Garment shop management System project.
  • Use Case Description of the Housing Society Management System project.
  • Use Case Description of E-Utility Service Provider Project.
  • Use Cases Description of Blood Bank Project.
  • Use Case Descriptions of Shopping Mall Management System Project.
  • CAR and Bike Pooling Application Project – Use Case Descriptions.
  • USE CASE Descriptions of Business Website Directory  Project.

Use Case Diagrams

  1. [Use Case Diagram] Railway E-Ticket Reservation System
  2. [Use Case Diagram] Bus Ticket Reservation System
  3. [Use Case Diagram] Airline Ticket Reservation System

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