Job Descriptions for Network Administrator

let us see the Job Descriptions for Network Administrator.

  1. Check network performance availability, utilization, throughput, goodput, and latency and test for weaknesses
  2. Set the user accounts, like password
  3. Able to maintain network connectivity of all computer workstations.
  4. Able to provide network support to users.
  5. Describe network policies and rules.
  6. Able to provide the facilities of supporting, configuring, maintaining and upgrading corporate customer’s networks and in house servers
  7. Ability to install and integrate new server hardware and applications
  8. Check out for needed updates
  9. Develop technical support documentation for systems and applications.
  10. Strong knowledge of networking concepts
  11. Check and give security improvements and system upgrades.
  12. Able to monitor the network to check optimal performance.
  13. Design and maintain network users/permissions.
  14. Familiarity  with scripting languages
  15. Deep interpersonal skills to handle complex technical issues
  16. BS degree in Computer Science or a related field
  17. Two-year experience in a network administration role
  18. I have also experience with Microsoft Windows Server 2008, 2012.
  19. Must have experience with Cisco switches and routers preferred
  20. MCSE certification a plus
  21. Have great troubleshooting capabilities
  22. Able to work independently under some supervision
  23. Must familiar with server management and monitoring tools
  24. Update the user needs.
  25. Must provide great network security.
  26. Have the ability to prove network engineering.
  27. Ability to prove network operations, and network performance analysis skills
  28. Strong problem-solving ability
  29. Must provide network support with a variety of operating systems.
  30. Install and configure computer network components.
  31. Maintain all hardware.
  32. Resolve all the problems of the end-user.
  33. Providing network and system support
  34. Able to work with IT experts
  35. Able to manage budget