operating system process Execution

OS execution

The process of execution the Operating system on CPU is called OS execution.

OS execution can be of three types;

  1. Non Process Kernal execution
  2. Execution of User Processes
  3. Process-Based Operating System execution

How OS executes in Non-Process Kernal?

Nonprocess kernel executes outside the processes.

The process kernel does not execute in a process.

If Nonprocess kernel does not execute in the process, then how it works?

Non Process kernel executes the operating system code as a separate entity and operates in privileged mode. OS in the kernel have its own memory and its own system stack for controlling the system calls.

How OS executes within User Processes?

  • OS functions execute with user mode processes
  • No need for process switching(Ready, running, waiting…..)
  • There is only Mode switching(user mode/ kernel mode)

What is Process-Based Operating System execution?

In process-based OS major kernel functions are organized as a separate process.

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