Real time sound analyzer Android Mobile App Project

Real-time sound analyzer Android Mobile App Project

Project Domain / Category

Android Mobile App

Abstract / Introduction

This is an android based mobile application that takes the input of voice, sound from a nearby device and shows the spectrum of the audio. The sound is analyzed with Fast Fourier Transformation and the data is uniformly updated.

The spectrum consists of the power in dB, which shows frequency and waveform like sinusoidal. It takes less than one second to build the frequency response curve in the full audio range of 20-20000 Hz in 2.5 Hz resolution with the wideband audio signal generated by the same device.

This app is useful to visualize your own voice or music or any other sound. It can also be used to test instruments or even tune them.

Functional Requirements

  1. Input source selection is microphone.
  2. Offline Android App (No Internet required)
  3. Design spectrum interface
  4. The app can take screenshots of the spectrum interface.
  5. Peak finding
  6. Linear and logarithmic scales
  7. Markers frequency and amplitude deltas
  1. Frequency is measured by analyzing the maximum sound level.
  2. Show the spectrum of the signal
  3. Low latency for high responsiveness
  4. Low battery drain due to high-performance native code
  5. Software is using FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) internally.
  6. Permission must be taken from the phone’s microphone for the input.


Development environments / IDEs for Android application

Android SDK

Java and XML

OpenGL ES (2.0 or 3.0) can be used for graphics.