Real-Time Android Messaging App Project

Real-Time Android Messaging App Project

Project Domain

Mobile Apps


Due to the progressive inventions of technology, everything can be seen with innovative and latest features. As, the cellular-cell phones have come, with all the features, that can have a computer. All users are switching to smart cellular phones to get advantages of it.

In this fast invention of the information technology era, the mobile communication technology has become the need of every people to connect it with the world. Mobile communication is easy and the cheapest technology for everyone to communicate in any case.

The purpose of developing a mobile communication application is to enhance the student’s existing knowledge and make them more creative and innovative. Real-Time Android Messaging App will let the users communicate with the people through their cell phones via blue tooth and Wi-Fi, which includes voice/video calling and SMS/MMS along with photos, videos, and documents.

Real-Time Android Messaging App Project
Figure: Real-Time Android Messaging App Project

This app enables audio and video communication among users from all around the world free of internet costs.

Functional Requirements

The application should have all the intended features are given below.

The student should provide a detailed explanation of each feature.

  • Able to provide the registration, login/logout interface
  • Users can send/receive a request to connect with other users. This should be saved in the address book in the app.
  • Should include online communications / chat among users through text messages
  • To provide real-time environment app must have the ability to work with 3G or 4G and/or Wi-Fi and blue tooth
  • App Should reflect real-time information sharing feature like sharing of photos/images in your phone gallery with your friends
  • The app should have the functionality of Group text chat (real-time group communication)
  • Should provide basic file-sharing among friends/family.
  • The app must support to calling features etc


  1. Android studio
  2. Programming Language: Java
  3. Database SQLite