Adjective of sound | How to describe sound?

Adjective of sound

Adjective Meaning Example Sentence
Loud Having a strong and intense volume The loud sound of thunder startled the dog.
Soft Gentle and not harsh The soft sound of raindrops was soothing.
Melodious Pleasing to the ear with a musical quality The melodious sound of the flute filled the air.
Harsh Unpleasantly rough or grating The harsh sound of the alarm woke everyone up.
Echoing Repetition of sound due to reflection The echoing sound in the canyon was eerie.
Faint Barely audible or indistinct We heard a faint sound of footsteps in the distance.
Shrill High-pitched and piercing The shrill sound of the whistle caught their attention.
Muffled Dull or muted due to being covered The muffled sound of the conversation from the other room was unclear.
Vibrant Full of energy and resonance The vibrant sound of the guitar captivated the audience.
Hushed Quiet and subdued The hushed sound of the library was calming.
adjective of sound
adjective of sound