Online Wedding Dresses Store Project in PHP 

Code and documentation of Online Wedding Dresses Store Project in PHP


Project Domain / Category


Web Application


Abstract / Introduction


The Online Wed Dress Store, web based application is proposed with aim to facilitate customers to order wedding dresses online for different occasions such as Engagement, Nikkah, Mehndi, Barat and Walima etc. Customers can buy Bridal, Groom, and Party wear dresses etc. Party wear dresses can be for Men, Women and Kids. The customers will be able to receive ordered dresses at their doorstep. Some amount will be paid in advance via Credit/Debit card while remaining amount will be paid via either Cash on Delivery or Credit/Debit card option. The Admin will manage dresses information, stock information, orders information, and customer’s information etc.


Functional Requirements:


Following are abstract level requirements of the project. Students are required to provide detailed requirements in SRS documents. Students can also add more requirements as per need.


  1. There should be registration and login modules for both Admin and customers.
  2. There should also be “Home”, “About Us”, “Terms and Conditions” and “Contact Us” pages.


  1. Wedding dresses should be for different occasions such as Engagement, Nikkah, Mehndi, Barat and Walima etc.


  1. Dress categories should be for Groom, Bride and Party wear etc.
  2. Arrange Party wear dresses in different sections separately for Men, Women and Kids etc.


  1. Add image of each dress along with price and proper description.


  1. The application should allow customers to place customized order as per their requirement too.


  1. The system should provide customers an interface to order their dresses. Before order placement, customer should be able to update Cart to add some new dresses or remove some existing dresses. The interface should also get payment information from customer. On checkout, order and payments details should be shown to customer.


  1. Customers should have complete record of all their orders.
  2. The application should be able to manage all orders, and payments etc.


  1. The application should be able to store information of all customers, dresses, stock, orders, reviews/feedback, suggestions and complaints etc.


  1. There should be Admin module for whole application and customer management.




PHP, Microsoft Visual Studio (C#.Net), SQL Server

Class diagram, activity diagram, data flow diagram, sequence diagram, use case diagram, testing test cases, SRS, Design, Test phase, and final deliverable., and others are needed to draw for this project.

You can use any of the following PHP Frameworks For developing this Web Development Project
1. Laravel
2. Phalcon
3. Fat-Free Framework
4. CodeIgniter
5. Laminas Project
6. CakePHP
7. FuelPHP
8. Slim
9. PHPixie
10. Symfony
11. Yii

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