Intelligent Health Prediction and Consulting System Android Project 

Code and documentation of Intelligent Health Prediction and Consulting System Android Project 

Project Domain / Category

Android Application

Abstract / Introduction

During these times of COVID pandemic, the health services of the country are being seriously affected. Often it happens that when a patient needs doctor’s help, they are not available. Either the doctors are too busy or they are too afraid to physically meet the patient out of fear of being contracted by the COVID. This has led to the doctors providing consultancy to patients through other online means.

Following the same idea of online consultancy, we propose an android application that will allow users to get instant guidance on their health issues through an intelligent health care application online. First, the users (patient and doctor) will register themselves into the application. Then the patient will enter into the application and will feed information about the various symptoms and disease/illness associated with those symptoms.

Based on existing information stored in the application, the application processes user’s symptoms to check for various illnesses that could be associated with it. Here we use some intelligent data mining techniques to guess the most accurate illness that could be associated with patient’s symptoms. If the application is not able to provide suitable results or the patient is not satisfied with the results generated by the application, then this information is submitted to the doctor.

The doctor may contact the user and may require the user to go for blood test, x-ray, CITI scan or whichever report it feels user’s symptoms are associated with. The patient uploads the image of those reports. These reports are then sent to respective doctor along with patient contact details. The doctors may now contact the patient for further process.

Functional Requirements:

Following will the functional requirements of the proposed application.


  1. Registration: If Patient is a new user, he will enter his personal details such as mobile number or email address and other details to complete the registration and verify it.
  1. Login: Patient will be able to Login to the application using his ID and Password.
  1. Profile: Patient will enter his complete personal details which will be maintained in his online profile.

The profile may be updated time to time based on patients’ history of consultation to the doctor.

  1. Disease Prediction: Patient will specify the symptoms caused due to his illness. Application will ask certain question regarding his illness and application predicts the disease based on the symptoms specified by the patient and application will also suggest doctors based on the disease.
  1. Search Doctor: Patient can search for doctor by specifying name or specialization type such as Immunologists, Dermatologists and Neurologists etc.
  1. Uploading Reports: Upon doctor’s recommendation, the patient may require to upload the reports of the tests suggested by the doctor for further examination of the disease.
  2. Feedback: Patient will give feedback this will be reported to the admin.


  1. Registration: The doctors will register themselves into the application by providing the relevant details such as email address, password, specialization and any other information.
  1. Login: Doctor will Log into the application by providing login information.
  1. Profile: Based on the information provided by the doctor, a profile will be maintained by the application which the doctor may update time to time.
  1. Patient Details: Doctor can view patient’s personal details.
  2. Patient’s Previous Details: Doctor will get all information about patient’s previous case history. That will help him to serve him better


  1. Login: Admin can login to the application using his ID and Password.
  2. Manage Doctors: Admin can add/remove doctor details into/from the database.
  3. Manage Disease Details: Admin can add disease details along with symptoms and type.
  4. View/Search Doctor: Admin can view/search doctors along with their personal details.
  5. View/Search Disease: Admin can view/search various diseases details stored in database.
  6. View/Search Patient: Admin can view/search various patient details
  7. View Feedback: Admin can view feedback provided by various users.


Android Studio

Java or Kotlin

Firebase or any other database

Class diagram, activity diagram, data flow diagram, sequence diagram, use case diagram, Use case description, scope, hard requirements, non-functional requirements, testing test cases, SRS document, design manual, and other diagrams are needed to draw for this project.