Instant Voice Translator Android App Project

Instant Voice Translator Android App Project

Project Domain / Category

Android Mobile App

Abstract / Introduction

Language translation apps are one of the most demanding and useful apps nowadays. Everyone, no matter he/she is using the translator for practicing the language such as English or he/she is using for convenience in a speech during traveling abroad.

This app is free to use for everyone and it’s very handy too. The user just needs to input via their voice or text and the app converts in the desired language.

Instant voice translator supports voice and text translation in various languages. We can use it every day for education, practicing English or any other language, business, and travel. This app comprises of many features like text and voice translation, voice recognition, detailed history for stored translations, etc.

Instant Voice Translator Android App Project
Figure: Instant Voice Translator Android App Project

Creating an android text translation app involves different stages. First, you need to choose a third-party translation API (for example, Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, Yandex Translate & Baidu Translate) that will help to translate user text inputs to different languages.

Another, for network calls in android, you can use Retrofit or Volley library to send the request and receive a response from your chosen translation API server.

Functional Requirements

Following are the functional requirements;

  1. Translation results are exactly and easy to understand.
  2. Greater efficiency in translations (response time) i.e. instantly.
  3. Convert voice/text to text.
  4. Convert text/voice to voice.
  5. Switch among multiple languages.
  6. Edit your translations and copy or share
  7. You can share the translated results.
  8. Correction of small errors.
  9. Save translation history like conversations or chat


Android development IDE

Example: Android Studio, Eclipse for Java, XML

OpenGL ES (2.0 or 3.0) can be used for graphics.