Smart Language Translator Mobile App Project

Smart Language Translator Mobile App Project

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Project Domain / Category

Android Mobile App

Abstract / Introduction

A smart language translator (SLT) is an online android mobile app that translates any sentence or phrase or word into the targeted language.

Translation apps are fairly important in daily life especially when you travel abroad. They help people communicated without a human translator or spending months learning a language.

In recent days, trending technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and so on are vibrant. That’s probably making the Smartphone users look for smarter apps which makes their life simple.

A smart language translator (SLT) supports voice and text translation in many languages. We can use it every day for business, travel, and education. SLT provides many features like text and voice translation, voice recognition, detailed history for stored translations, etc.

Smart Language Translator Mobile App Project
Figure: Smart Language Translator Mobile App Project

Creating an android text translation app involves different stages. First, you need to choose a third-party translation API that will help to translate user text inputs to different languages. Another step, for network calls in android, you can use Retrofit or Volley library to send a request and receive a response from your chosen translation API server.

Functional Requirements

Following are the functional requirements

  1. Introduction page
  2. List of saved translations
  3. Delete saved translation
  4. About us information
  5. Translate text in into many different languages
  6. Copy text
  7. Delete text
  8. Enter text with voice
  9. Convert text to speech
  10. Paste text
  11. Share translated text
  12. Save Translated text
  13. Switch languages
  14. The need for the internet connection


  • Android development IDE
  • Example: Android Studio, Eclipse for Java, XML
  • OpenGL ES (2.0 or 3.0) can be used for graphics.