Hang-out in Parks  Android App Project – SRS Document

Hang-out in Parks  Android App Project – SRS Document

Project Domain / Category:

Mobile Android App

Abstract / Introduction:

This app is for the people who like to hang out with each other in parks. The app lets a user inform other users that he/she is currently in a park and hence motivates them to go there as well. A user can tag a park and its location will be saved permanently.

Whenever any user of the app comes near a park that is tagged by someone (meaning that its location is saved), he/she will be able to check in to that park. The app displays all the check-ins at various parks on Google map. A user may decide to go to some park where many users have checked in. Once a user leaves a park, he/she will be able to check out of the park.

Functional Requirements:

  1. A user must be able to tag a park (and the app will save its location permanently so that any user could check-in there) using Google Maps.
  2. When a user reaches near a tagged park (within 100 meters of the saved location), the app provides him/her with the option of checking in to that park.
  3. All the check-ins must be visible to all users on Google map.
  4. A user can check out of a park upon leaving it.

Note: The functionality of adding friends is not required. By default, all the users are friends of each other.


Android Studio, Any DBMS

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