Housing Society Management System project in Php and MYSQL

Today, i am sharing with you HOUSING SOCIETY AND MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Project in PHP and MYSQL. Let’s begin with the project.

Housing Society Management System project


In Pakistan, Societies business booming exponentially. But, to run the business successfully, without a proper solution is close to impossible. Existing systems in the market are either too expensive or do not meet the requirements.

Online Housing Society is a Web-based used to provide guidance to the customers to choose plots according to their needs. It also helps customers to book their desired plots at reasonable rates. This Web-based applications also help their customers for booking plots in installments. It is time to take advantage of the technology for a better and peaceful living.

  • Background and Existing System
  • Problems in Existing System

Societies using different software for booking of the plot, Installment, Billing, and Accounting. Different system integration always remains a big challenge.

  • Proposed System

Accurate data and information are key for the Societies’ business. Therefore, we would be designing one solution that would be pre-integrated for all systems. The system would be flexible to configure and accurate information would ensure via best architecture.

Main Modules

Cover main modules of the proposed system.



  • Expected Outcome

We have developed the project according to our objectives. This project enables both admin and user with controlled functionalities. And these functionalities are in working condition.

  • Tools & Technology

We will use different software for the development of this  system, which is given as

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Woo Commerce

Functional Requirements

List all functional requirements of the proposed system


Admin can manage the full system.

Admin can create the detail of society and detail of houses of that society.

Admin can assign the house to a member.

Admin can create a username and password for the member.

Admin can manage master data.

  • Blocks
  • Upfront Payments
  • Plots

The functionality of Member/Customer:

Customers can search for the property.

Customers can use bidding for the commercial plots.

Customers can book the property.

Customers can pay via cash or card.

Customers can also pay in installments.

The customer can maintain his profile.

The customer can cancel his/her file.

The customer can transfer his/her file.

Customer providing personal data such as

  1. Create Customer
  2. First name
  3. Last name
  4. Email Address
  5. Password
  6. Contact Info


This user is a visitor, who can only view the system and can perform the following steps:

Users can visit the website.

Users can search for the property.

Users can also buy the property if he is interested in registered himself.

Plot Registration: To register plots in society this web application allows users to register plots. Following are the steps

  1. Plots Sizes
  2. Rates
  3. Ownerships
  4. Register Plots

Search: People can easily search and find the plots. The customer can search the plot according to his desired requirements. Plots can be searched by using these constraints such as

  1. Plot Size
  2. Plot Type
  3. Plot Rates

Booking: Booking facility is also given to a user to book their property. After booking any property that property is reserved for a specific person. It will be reserved for further processing for a specific time.

Installments and Billing: If member wants to pay in installments then he has to pay the down payments first. If a member can’t afford to pay full in cash then he can pay the money in installments. We provide this facility to the user; so he can ease himself by paying the payment in installments.

Receivables: Record of the installments will be maintained in receivables.

File Transfer: Members can also transfer their plots to someone but if he is not already registered then he has to first register himself. We provide this facility so if a person has an issue while paying the rest of the amount, then he can transfer his file. Then the rest of the amount will be paid by the new owner of the property. This functionality is only for the user who will buy property in installments.

File Cancel: If a member is having some financial issues then he can cancel the plot. Member will have the ease to cancel his file but his registration fee and 10% will be deducted from his paid amount.

Accounts: Accounts will be managed by the admin in this functionality. People who pay full payment and people who pay in installments will be managed in this section.

Maintain Record: The Online Housing Society Web-based app provides facilities to its customers to maintain their records. The customer’s record will be maintained properly by the admin.

The customer can update his profile.

  1. Update
  2. Delete
  3. Insert

 Comments: Commenting features are also included in commenting on customers and sharing their views about plots if anyone wants to book someone’s plot then they can negotiate.


In the previous method of the Housing Society Management System, there is a lot of paperwork to keep the whole records that become very difficult to integrate the system.

There is such a system that does not meet the basic requirements of the customers and also they do not provide the facility to the admin to manage records.

We provided such features in our project that can easily integrate the whole system by keeping their records and the admin can handle the whole process by himself.

As with the passage of time things change. In near future, there might be some kind of changes happens like online payment transactions and some further integration of different modules at a single platform.

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