GSM/Bluetooth/Wifi & GPS (Android) based Car Tracking & Control System project for BCS BSIT BSSE MCS

GSM/Bluetooth/Wifi & GPS (Android) based Car Tracking & Control System project for BCS BSIT BSSE MCS

Project Domain / Category

Digital Logic Designing / Embedded System Programming

Abstract / Introduction

The vehicle tracking system’s main aim is to give Security to all vehicles. The accident alert system’s main aim is to rescue people in accidents. This is improved security systems for vehicles. The latest like GPS are highly useful now a day, this system enables the owner to observe and track his vehicle and find out vehicle movement and its past activities of the vehicle.

This new technology, popularly called Vehicle Tracking Systems which created many wonders for the security of the vehicle. This hardware is fitted on to the vehicle in such a manner that it is not visible to anyone who is inside or outside of the vehicle.

Thus, it is used as a covert unit which continuously or by an interrupt to the system, sends the location data to the monitoring unit.

When the vehicle is stolen, the location data from tracking system can be used to find the location and can be informed to police for further action. Some Vehicle Tracking System can even detect unauthorized movements of the vehicle and then alert the owner. This gives an edge over other pieces of technology for the same purpose.

Functional Requirements

  • Through Mobile Application, Vehicle movement will be controlled.
  • GPS coordinates plotting on a mobile application using Google Map.


  • Microcontrollers (Intel 8051/8052 series) OR Arduino modules
  • Android Programming (Android Studio)
  • C/C++ Programming Language
  • Assembly Language
  • Circuit Designing Softwares (Orcad Pspice, WorkBench)
  • Keil Embedded Development Kit
  • Microcontroller Burner Kit
  • Circuit Components (Resistors, Capacitors, oscillators etc.)
  • GSM & GPS Modules
  • Google API