General Store Inventory System project  in Oracle for BCS BSIT MCS BSSE

General Store Inventory System project  in Oracle for BCS BSIT MCS BSSE

Project Domain / Category

Database Programming


The General Store Inventory System is a software which will be used for the General stores.

This Application is used to manage the inventory of grocery items. With the help of this application, the shopkeeper will be able to record his sale/purchase for each grocery item. It would allow shopkeepers to immediately check stock quantities when to reorder supplies, track expenses, and providing the right amount of inventory on hand along with clients. As shopkeepers are a normally illiterate person so we have to develop this application in such a way that he can use it easily with some training.

Functional Requirements:

  1. It is normally a single user system, but the user must have to enter a password to use this application
  2. The system can be able to store the buyer record using its name and mobile number
  3. The Shopkeeper can be able to look up sales on a daily basis, weekly or monthly basis.
  4. On the sale of any item, the stock should be updated with the quantity left.
  5. Once a buyer finalized all the required items, then the system should show all the purchase items with their quantity and amount and in the end, it shows the total amount.
  6. The System should have the option of both cash and credit once buyer tells that he/she will pay the cash the shopkeeper will print the cash button and the bill is generated. For credit option buyer record will be saved in the system against its name and mobile number.
  1. The System should also keep track of all the credit record both amount wise and each buyer wise separately.
  2. All types of reports should be generated on demand, i.e. number of customers, sales record, credit record etc.



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