Functional Requirements of Home Decorators and Office Interior Design Project 

Functional Requirements of Home Decorators and Office Interior Design Project 

Home Decorators and Office Interior Design Project

Introduction of Home Decorators and Office Interior Design Project

This website is about e-commerce business website for the sale of the product online at an affordable price. The website has many home decoration products for making your home look beautiful & luxurious. People can purchase products online using a debit card to pay product prices with free home delivery.

Today there are many websites of e-commerce but here we can also provide services like labor for managing & configuring the product at home.

People can make order & cancel an order using the website must be a registered signup for new customer & login function for who are registered already. There is a cart function where customers can view selected product & also can delete the product from the cart.

Scope of Home Decorators and Office Interior Design Project

The scope of our website is very wide because e-commerce using today very widely in the world. It is a totally electronic online process selling products, to provide complete services by paying the specific amount of money using a debit card.

E-commerce provides opportunities for buying a product using the safe payment method. Today millions of people using social media like Facebook, WhatsApp & more applications so you can grow your business easily advertise using social media by sending product images on Facebook & WhatsApp or by sending the link of an e-commerce website.

More e-commerce companies have grown business because peoples want to purchase online rather than visit the physical store & require more time for visiting a physical store. The e-commerce website provides a platform to people buying the product, therefore, the website is necessary for business platform.

Functional Requirement 1: Login

Admin will be able to Login into the system with his unique username and password

Functional Requirement 2: Users Management

Admin needs to manage the end-users who are using the website, he needs sufficient access to monitor the end-users. Limited access to end-user allows he cannot change the product details he can only be able to see details of the product i.e. price specification materials, & product weight.

Functional Requirement 2: Items Management

Admin needs sufficient access to his system so he/she can manage item, form this he can keep a record of all the items in his stock. Admin can add, delete, update items also can change the category of items.

Functional Requirement 4: Customers Management

Customers are managed by Admin. Record of the customers will also maintain in the database. If once customer visits the website admin maintain the record of the customer.

Functional Requirement 5: Items Management

Items are managed by Admin. Items can be added, updated and deleted according to the user requirement.

Functional Requirement 6: Categories Management

Categories are made when items are divided into sub-categories. Admin has rights to manage the Categories which also have different sub-Categories according to the requirements.

Functional Requirement 7: Cart Management

The order is actually cart. Shopping cart take all items which

Actually you purchasing. A customer adds his/her product before purchasing. Customer also see the visible cart he/she purchased items.

If a customer adds items in the cart & leave the page without purchasing the product then its items removed from the cart. Customer also adds or delete items from the cart.

Objectives of Home Decorators and Office Interior Design Project

There are several goal & objective for e-commerce website given below:

  • Responsive & reliable website.
  • Provide the best user interface & attractive.
  • Provide a discount for each sale & increase the sale.
  • Web-Engineer for simplifying & optimize content.
  • Security & performance.
  • Provide customer satisfaction.

In above goals make our website performance well security providing & making the secure method of payment for customer & it’s also reliable and attractive interface using the simple themes to easily load on slow internet speed also provide the optimized contents.

Increasing the number of sale by giving 50% off on each product it also increases the customer & visiting the more customer & buying the product. These objects make website growth more.

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