Biotechnology (MCQs)multiple choice Questions

Biotechnology (MCQs) multiple choice Questions

1: All viruses consists of…

a) RNA and protein coat

b) DNA and protein coat

c) a nucleic acid and a protein coat

d) Polysaccharides and proteins

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2: A small circle of DNA found outside the main chromosome is called a…

a) genetic fingerprint

b) episome

c) plasmid

d) protein

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3: Enzymes are involved in DNA replication , ——– is not true…

a) primase

b) helicase

c) RNA polymerase

d) DNA polymerase

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4: Green biotechnology is…

a) Industrial chemicals

b) Industrial catalysts

c) BT corn and pesticides

d) Industrial antibiotics

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5: Which of the following identified in Genetic testing…

a) genes

b) chromosomes

c) proteins

d) all of these

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6: First use of pure microbiological process made by…

a) Chaim Weizmann

b) Louis Pasteur

c) Alexander Fleming

d) Charles Darwin

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7: Biotechnology is…

a) use of antibiotics

b) use of pesticides

c) use of enzymes in industry

d) Bt-Corn

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8: Using living organisms for developing products is known ——– process…

a) bioengineering

b) biotechnology

c) genome engineering

d) medical engineering

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9: Which of the following Process in which using natural bacteria in mining?

a) bioremediation

b) bioleaching

c) biodegradation

d) genomics

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10: ——– technique is used to introduce genes into dicots…

a) microinjection

b) Ti plasmid infection

c) electroporation

d) particle acceleration

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11: Mitosis controlled at point…

a) G2

b) G1

c) S

d) M

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12: Group of plants that has the greatest diversity are…

a) Lycophyta

b) Angiosperms

c) Gymnosperms

d) Bryophyta

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