Virtual Pharmacy Project in PHP and C Sharp

Code and documentation of Virtual Pharmacy Project in PHP and C Sharp

Project Domain / Category

Web Programming

Abstract / Introduction

In this era of widely spread pandemic Covid-19, a number of businesses have been switched to online mode of working. The online mode of a business facilitates its customers / clients to place order for the goods and services online without physically visiting the business centers.

So, in view of this, the proposed project aims to develop an online web based system titled as “Virtual Pharmacy” that will serve its registered users (customers/clients) to buy the medicines and related products online. The website will display the available medicines and related products category wise such as Covid-19, Men’s Care, Women’s Care, Baby’s Care, Dental Care, Gym & Fitness, Nutrition & Vitamins, Surgical Accessories and Beauty etc.

Besides, the medicines and related products will also be displayed Brand / Company and disease wise such as Fever, Diabetes, Digestive Disorder, Cardiac Arrest, Blood Pressure, Cancer and Mental issues etc. A user will be able to purchase / make order against available medicines and products after registration on the website. Payment method will be cash on delivery. In addition, the website will provide interactive interfaces and rich search facility of finding the different types of medicines and products through different filters. Online order placing of the medicines and related products through “Virtual Pharmacy” will remove the overhead of physically visiting the medical store for this purpose.

Functional Requirements:

Following are key functional requirements of the proposed system:

  1. Sign In and User Registration

There will be proper interfaces for user registration and Sign In for the following four types of the users of the website:

  • Visitor (Unregistered User)
  • Registered user (Customer / Client)
  • Registered user (Staff)
  • Registered user (Pharmacist)
  • Roles of the users will be as follow:
  • Visitor will be able to visit the website to search his/her relevant medicines and products from the website.
  • A user registered as a Customer/ Client will have the privileges of placing order on the website.
  • A user registered as a staff will be able to upload the information of medicines and products on the website.
  • The Pharmacist will be the Administrator (Admin) of the whole website, having all the rights of information management as well as user management. The Pharmacist will approve the registration requests from the other users. The information uploaded by “Staff” users will be approved by the Pharmacist prior to publishing on the website.
  1. Email Notification and Verification

An unregistered user will register him/her on the website. On submitting the registration information, an email notification will be sent with a confirmation link to the user’s given email ID. On confirmation through link, the Admin will approve the registration requests from users. An email notification will also be sent to the registered user on approval or rejection of any request.

  1. Pharmacist Dashboard

There will be proper interfaces through which the Pharmacist (Admin) will be able to add/ delete and update information such as the Medicines, Medicine and Product Categories, sub categories and Descriptions etc. The Pharmacist will also be able to accept/reject the user requests.

  1. Uploading Medicines and Products information on Website

There will be proper interactive interface(s) to upload the category wise information and descriptions of medicines and related products on the website. The staff and the Pharmacist (Admin) user will have these rights. The pharmacist or staff will upload a PDF file against each medicine / product containing the detailed description (Introduction, Formulas, Uses, Side Effects, and Expiry Date etc.) about the medicine / product. Note: The information uploaded by the staff will be approved by the Pharmacist to be published on the website.

  1. Display of Information on the website

The medicine / product name, company name, thumbnail image, price, PDF file and number of items available in the stock should be displayed on the website in proper design. On clicking the thumbnail, the website will maximize the medicine and product image. On clicking the PDF file, the user will be able to read the description of the medicine / product.

  1. Category Management:

The Pharmacist (Admin) will have all the rights of creating, editing, updating, deleting any category.

  1. Placing Order on the Website

The website will allow the registered user(s) to make order against their selected items. There will be proper interfaces on the website in this regard. The user will have to select the item(s) to put into the shopping cart and then confirm the order. “Cash on delivery” payment method will be used after the successful transaction.

  1. Confirmation Email on transaction (Order Placing)

A confirmation email on successful transaction will be sent to the user’s provided email.

  1. Discount Management

The website will allow discount of overall 10 % to its customers on purchasing item(s) worth total 5000 or more.

  1. Search Facility

Searching Medicines and Products:

All types of the users of the website will be able to search any medicine or product through different filters such as:

  • Medicine or Product Name o Brand / Company Name o Category Wise
  • o  Disease Wise

Searching Registered Users:

The Pharmacist (Admin) will also be able to search the registered users by different filters such as:

  • User ID
  • User Names o Cities
  • Countries
  • Order Placing Date


  1. PHP and MySQL (You can choose any framework such as Laravel)
  2. Bootstrap or any other CSS Framework
  3. Any JavaScript library/ framework such as jQuery, Vue Js, react Js or angular Js

Angular JavaScript , xampp-win32-5.5.19-0-VC11

You can use any of the following PHP Frameworks For developing this Web Development Project
1. Laravel
2. Phalcon
3. Fat-Free Framework
4. CodeIgniter
5. Laminas Project
6. CakePHP
7. FuelPHP
8. Slim
9. PHPixie
10. Symfony
11. Yii