Scientific calculator source code in PHP with database 

Scientific calculator source code in PHP with database

This is a Scientific calculator that can perform the simple arithmetic tasks (+, -, * and /) as well as other math functions, such as, sin, cos, tan, min, max, log, exponent, pi, power, and square root.

HTML Code of Scientific calculator

PHP Code of Scientific calculator

We are using Else-If statement for checking which operator to apply.

We are going to store the numbers, operators, and answers in the database.

Database Connection Code for Scientific calculator

Our database name is “calculator”. The table name is “valuescal”.

Database of Scientific calculator

Let’s see the screenshot of the database of the scientific calculator.

Database Output


To insert data in the database we will use this query:

To get the stored data from the database:

Output of Scientific Calculator
The output of Data retrieved:

Retrieved Data OutputDownload Code – scientificcalculator

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