inner join program code in PHP, MySQL

Inner join shows results from both tables where there is any match between columns in both tables.
In this example, the table t4tutorials_finance is joining as the inner join with user_details table.
joins PHP MySQLi

The query of  Inner Join

select * from t4tutorials_finance inner join user_details on user_details.userid=T4Tutorials_finance.t4tutorials_id

Inner Join Program Example in PHP, MYSQL

The database for the inner join program is shown below.

left Join PHP MySQLi

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Database t4tutorials_join for inner join

Download the database

Table structure for table t4tutorials_finance

Column Type Null Default
t4tutorials_id int(222) No
t4tutorials_salary int(222) No

Table structure for table user_details

Column Type Null Default
userid int(11) No
firstname varchar(30) No
lastname varchar(30) No
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